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The "Nation Leader", or simply "Leader", was a designation used by the Animus HR-8.5 for Layla Hassan's session during the Peloponnesian War. The actual titles held by the leaders varied between regions, though most common were 'king' and 'representative'.[1]


The nation leaders supported either the Delian League or the Peloponnesian League and represented their faction's influence within a region, though they were also subject to manipulation by the Cult of Kosmos, who sought to rule the Greek world, and control the Peloponnesian War to their liking. In order to do this, they either blackmailed the leader, as in the case of Arkadia's archon, Lagos,[2][3] or simply placed one of their own in said position.[4][5] Sometimes the leader was an ally of the Cult, supporting them, as in the case of the Leader of Messara, the father of Melanthos, in the 420s BCE.[6]

While most of the leaders were men, Phoenix of Naxos Island was a woman.[7] Her friend,[8] the pirate Xenia and her crew had occupied Koressia, though Pirate Islands were nominally under the rule of the Delian League or the Peloponnesian League. Xenia's power was such that the title for the leader in the islands was 'Exiled Captain of the Pirate Islands'.[1]

The misthios Kassandra, in addition to killing the members of the Cult of Kosmos who were installed as nation leaders, was also hired to eliminate corrupt leaders at least twice.[9][10]

Notable leaders

Layla Hassan's Animus provides biographies for regional leaders. Most of these were randomly generated but better attested leaders had set ones.

Representative of Attika

"After his parents' ostracism, Perikles triumphantly returned to Athens, rose to power, and rebuilt the city from the ashes of the Persian invasion, proving the strength of democracy in the process. Athens owed much of what it became to this man."

Representative of Attika

"Kleon was one of the most commanding voices in Athens. Whenever he spoke, the people listened. The world was his podium, and his calls for change against the Athenian elite were a rallying cry for the downtrodden."

Kings of Lakonia

"The two houses that ruled Sparta both claimed to be descended from Herakles. They made political decisions together, the theory being that they'd keep each other honest."

King of Lakonia

"Archidamos might have been best known for the 30 years' peace with Athens he was a part of. Then again, they also named the first part of the Peloponnesian was the "Archidamian War" after him."

Oligarch of Naxos Island

"Little was known about the woman named Myrrine prior to her arrical in Korinth. Whispers of her brief but ruthless career as a smuggler under Xenia, the Pirate Queen, came and went. However, Phoenix was known across the world as the cunning and fearless leader of Naxos."

King of Hephaistos Islands

"Life under Iobates's rule was uniquely oppressive. The people lived in constant fear, as he openly and regularly contracted mercenaries as private aides, relying on them more than his nation’s army."

King of Delian League

"To be happy, the masses needed only to be fed and entertained. This was a principle Kodros the Bull fully understood. He promoted all forms of entertainment, but favored prize fighting the most. He believed it kept the citizens distracted, dull, and bloodthirsty."

Representative of Peloponnesian League

"Arkadia's citizens were never so prosperous, nor their fields so bountiful, than when Lagos the Archon led them. Even though that was true, there were some who said the Archon sold his soul to Demeter herself."

King of Silver Islands

"The Delians suffered under the control of a man known as Podarkes, who made an art of deception and torture. In these, he was the world's greatest artist."

Oligarch of Paros Island

"Silanos rose to power in Paros swiftly, with just the right balance of naval skill and wealthy supporters. He was feared at sea and held at arm's length on dry land. Few faced his fleet and survived."

King of Abantis Islands

"Skylax the Fair was revered. Because he was a generous leader, his people happily marched to battle in his name, though attacking his enemies never interested him. His power and his vast wealth seemed to be enough to keep him satisfied."

Behind the scenes

The Nation Leaders are presented as the rulers of their respective region whether elected or inherited. However only the leaders of Sparta and Attika are historically attested. Other leaders were historically known such as the king of Makedonia, Perciddas II. However in game the Nation Leader of Makedonia, given the title King of Makedonia, is randomly generated and can be assassinated any number of times.



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