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Natalya Aliyev (born 2001) is a young teenager of Russian, Kazakh and Mongolian descent, and a descendant of the opera singer Adelina Patti, and of the Mongol Templar Bayan. In 2016, she relived Adelina's memories through the Animus.


Early life

At some point, her parents and grand-parents wanted her to be a musician, and they paid a Russian violin professor called Krupin to teach her. Unfortunately, she wasn't a good musician and she abandoned music.[1]

Recruited by Monroe

In 2016, she was contacted by Sebastian Monroe, who offered her to relive her grandparents' memories when they fled Soviet Khazaskhtan. Later, Natalya was brought to a warehouse with several others teenagers: Owen Meyers, Javier Mondragón, Sean Molloy and the siblings Grace and David Collins.[1]

Monroe explained them the conflict between the Assassins and the Templars and the Pieces of Eden. He explained that they were researching the Trident of Eden, and that each of the teenagers' ancestors had been in contact with one piece of the Trident. Finally, he explained that he wanted to retrieve it before the Assassins or Templars to hide it.[1]

To do so, he put the teenagers in the Animus, during the New York City draft riots, in 1863. Natalya relived the memories of Adelina Patti, and felt anxious when the latter sang before a huge crowd. During the riots, Adelina was protected by Tommy Greyling, Sean's ancestor, and fell in love with him while in the same time, Sean fell in love with Natalya.[1]

When the group knew the location of the prong, an Abstergo strike team attacked the warehouse and kidnapped almost the teenagers - except Owen and Javier who fled with a bike. They were conducted to the Aerie, and introduced to Dr. Victoria Bibeau. Then, they encountered Isaiah, who talked them about Abstergo and Templars' real goals. Natalya then isolated herself and when Sean tried to speak to her, she didn't take attention to him. After some time, however, she decided to eat some victuals. Victoria then came to the group, and asked if they ever wanted to go in China.[1]

Working for the Templars

Thanks to Abstergo convincing her parents to let Natalya perform memory research through the Animus, Natalya began experiencing the memories of her Mongolian ancestor, Bayan, in search of the second prong of the Trident of Eden. One day, while having breakfast, David informed everyone that he overheard Isaiah placing a kill order on Owen and Javier, but no one believed him.[2]

Escape from the Aerie

As time went by, Natalya became more and more disaffected with the Templars' goal. Soon enough, Monroe caused a blackout in an attempt to rescue them. Natalya and David chose to leave, but Grace was separated from them and Sean refused, having been taken in by the Templars. Separated from Monroe, they soon met up with Javier, who had joined the Assassins in a simultaneous rescue attempt. They managed to escape the Aerie in a Isaiah's high-tech car, at which they soon meet up with the Assassin Griffin, though they were forced to leave Owen behind.[2]

Upon reaching Griffin's safehouse, Natalya sat down with David and Javier and recapped what they had been up to. During their conversation, Natalya learned that Owen's Chinese Assassin ancestor was the one Bayan caught after the assassination of Möngke Khan.[2]

Griffin soon informed them that Isaiah was mounting an expedition to Mongolia and asked Natalya to re-enter the Animus to find the second prong's exact location. Natalya agreed on the condition that Griffin bring all of them to Mongolia. However, when Natalya began experiencing Bayan's induction into the Templar Order, she purposely desynchonized, which angered Griffin. Though Natalya protested that she didn't want any involvement in the Assassin-Templar war, Griffin stated that a side had to be chosen eventually and that her hesitancy would likely get her killed. They soon packed up for Mongolia, with Natalya promising to find the Khan's tomb once they get there.[2]

Tomb of the Khan

Natalya and her friends traveled to China via cargo plane, where they met the Assassin Yanmei, who provided a private jet for the journey to Mongolia, only to be shot down by the Templars. Surviving the crash, the Assassins confirmed the location of the Abstergo camp. As they made their way to the tomb on foot, David went towards the Abstergo camp, believing a series of lights were signalling him that Grace was there, after which the Templars began heading in the opposite direction of the tomb.[2]

Upon reaching the spot where Natalya desynchronized, she still refused to give up the location of the tomb, refusing to trust the Assassins for their absolute obedience to the Creed. However, Yanmei enlightened her of the three ironies of the Creed and that its command was to be wise, at which Natalya then showed them the tomb. But as the Assassins started digging, Natalya tricked Javier into showing her how to operate his crossbow pistol before using sleep darts on the Assassins. Though stunned by her betrayal, Javier assisted her in the excavation before they were joined by Owen, Grace, David and Monroe, who had just escaped the Templar camp, and began assisting them. Unfortunately, just as they had uncovered the tomb, Isaiah showed up and took them captive.[2]

As Isaiah entered the tomb, the Assassin regained consciousness and attacked, at which Javier used a smoke bomb to cover his friends escape. Unfortunately, Isaiah soon emerged from the tomb with the fear prong and used its power on everyone. He then fatally stabbed Yanmei when she tried to attack him, before declaring that he was no longer a Templar and ordered all the Templars to follow him, leaving Natalya, her friends and the Assassins alone.[2]

Upon reaching the Abstergo camp, Natalya felt regret for not telling the Assassins the tomb's location earlier, but Griffin reminded her that people die in war and that Yanmei would've respected her principles. Soon after, Victoria arrived at the camp, having just learned of Isaiah's betrayal and that he had found the first prong at Mount McGregor beforehand. When the Templars drew their weapons upon hearing that the Assassins were present, Natalya reasoned that both sides needed to work together before Isaiah destroyed both Orders, at which Victoria and Griffin agreed to a ceasefire until they defeat Isaiah and recover the third prong, which Victoria believed to be in Scandanavia.[2]