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Natakas (died c. 422 BCE) was the son of Darius, the assassin of King Xerxes I of Persia. He was also the brother of Neema. Through his relationship with Kassandra, he was also the father of Elpidios and an ancestor of Amunet, the co-founder of the Hidden Ones.


Refuge in Greece

Natakas: "Eagle Bearer—"
Kassandra: "Call me Kassandra."
Natakas: "My name's Natakas."
—Natakas meeting Kassandra, c. 422 BCE[src]-[m]

After his father's failed assassination of King Artaxerxes I of Persia, Natakas and his family fled from the country while being pursued by the Order of the Ancients. While Natakas' mother and his siblings perished, he survived and eventually sought shelter in Chalkidike in Makedonia, Greece with his father, successfully losing their pursuers. In time, Natakas created a small memorial for Neema outside the shelter.[1]

Around 429 BCE, the the village of Potidaia came under attack by the Order of Hunters, a branch of the Order of the Ancients led by Pactyas, with the intention of hunting down the misthios Kassandra due to her heritage as a Tainted One.[1] After Kassandra worked to save the villagers, Natakas saved her from a sneak attack by one of the soldiers sent by the Order. Later on, Natakas fled from the village on Kassandra's orders as she fought against the Order Elite and his guards. After Kassandra dispatched the guards, Natakas met her at the village outskirts, working together to save the remaining villagers from the soldiers hired by the Order.[2]

Sometime later, Natakas interrupted a fight between Kassandra and his father, the latter believing that Kassandra was one of the assassins sent by the Order. Natakas introduced Kassandra as the Eagle Bearer that the Order was looking for, leading Darius to withdraw his sword and Hidden Blade. As they retreated back to their shelter, Natakas told Kassandra to look for them so that her questions can be answered.[3]

Months later, Nakatas and Kassandra were reunited when his father summoned their ally to Achaia, where they had discovered the presence of the Order of the Storm. After the defeat of the Ancients Phila, Natakas settled in the region with his father. He subsequently became involved with Kassandra and fathered a son named Elpidios with her.[4]


Some time later, the family's hometown of Dyme was attacked by Amorges, the head of the Order of the Ancients in Persia. Kassandra spirited Natakas and Elpidios to safety while Darius stayed behind to hold the Persians back. Darius was almost killed by The Immortals, two members of the Order of Dominion, but Kassandra refused to let the old man sacrifice himself and came back to rescue him. However while his wife and his father were away, Natakas was killed by the Persians and Elpidios, kidnapped.[5]


After Natakas' death, both Darius and Kassandra travelled south to Messenia, where they worked to eliminate Amorges and the Order of Dominion as revenge as well as to take back their son.[5]

After the Order's defeat, Kassandra would return to Natakas' burial ground, recovering the charm given to him by his mother.[6]


  • If Alexios is chosen as the playable protagonist instead of Kassandra, Natakas' sister Neema will replace his role in the story.




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