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Nancy was a member of the modern-day Assassins. She was the technician in charge of the Animus for the cell of Assassins headed by Stella Crow in London, of which Jonathan Hawk and Steve were also members.[1]


In 2012, while Hawk relived the genetic memories of Numa Al'Khamsin, an Egyptian Assassin who came in contact with the Scepter of Aset, a serious incident occurred. Unfortunately for Nancy, the timer of the Animus had deregulated inexplicably while Hawk was in it, exposing him to an excessive dose, as the man was very sensitive to the effects of the device. Hawk fell into a coma and was taken to the infirmary while Crow blamed Nancy, firing her and threatening to expel her from the Order.[2]

Oblivious to Stella though, the cell's fourth member Steve was actually a mole serving the Templars and he even tried to kill Jonathan while he remained unconscious. However, Nancy and Stella had found out Steve's secret defection to the Templar cause and confronted Steve. Although Nancy aimed her gun at Steve, he managed to push Nancy aside and flee. After a short chase, Jonathan killed Steve, and the Assassins went back to their cell in London. Hawk and Nancy resumed their Animus sessions and continued the search for the Scepter.[3]

Now more cautious for the possible risks, Stella had ordered Nancy to give Hawk more breaks. During one such break, Jonathan and Nancy had a profound conversation about their relationship. Nancy had fallen in love with Jonathan, but Jonathan thought it was a bad idea to "fall in love with a soldier". Eventually, the two kissed, but were interrupted by a phone call from professor Terence; Jonathan would undergo the transplantation the next day.[3]

Although she said she was only surprised to see Hawk's new 'eye' after the transplantation, Hawk did not believe her and knew Nancy was scared of it. Nevertheless, they returned to relive the memories of El Cakr.[3]