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Nakano Takeko (中野 竹子; 1847 – 1868) was an onna-musha and a member of the Japanese Brotherhood of Assassins from the province of Aizu, a Japanese feudal domain loyal to the Tokugawa shogunate.


She took part in the Boshin War in 1868. She was tasked by Matsuo with protecting the Musashi Masamune from the Templars and the Imperial Court in Kyoto. Takeko also served as a bodyguard to Saigo Kayano, an inept lord of the Tokugawa army who owned the blade. During the conflict, Takeko had unmasked a 16-year old girl known as Shiba Atsuko, who had disguised herself as a male soldier to fight on the frontlines with her brother Shiba Ibuka. Takeko later befriended Atsuko and trained her in the Assassin arts. Unfortunately, she was fatally shot in the Battle of Aizu, and Atsuko had to sever her head so as to avoid her body falling into the hands of the enemy. Nevertheless, Takeko's teachings helped Atsuko become an Assassin.[1]

Behind the scenes

Historically Takeko is said to have been beheaded by her younger sister Yūko with the help of Ainu soldier Ueno Yoshisaburō.


  • Takeko is a Japanese name derived from the kanji 竹, meaning 'bamboo', and the suffix 子 (ko), meaning 'child' which is commonly used in feminine names.
  • A couple of comments made by Takeko to Atsuko, implied that she preferred the company of women.



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