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Najma Alayza was a Moorish member of the Libyan Brotherhood of Assassins during the Renaissance.


Born in Granada to a Moorish noble family, Najma grew up in comfortable surroundings, protected and safe. Her mother vanished when she was young, leaving Najma and her older brother Ubayd in the care of their father, an influential philosopher and astronomer in the Granada court who was also a Brotherhood ally.[1]

When Najma's father was murdered, the only clue was a dagger left on his body. Among his effects Najma found a letter addressed to her, marked to be opened in the case of his death. In it, her father instructed her to go to Libya, where her mother would take care of her. There her mother, a member of the Libyan Brotherhood, revealed that family had a long-standing Assassin allegiance. She identified the dagger that had murdered her husband as belonging to Najma's brother Ubayd, once also an Assassin before having defected to the Templar Order, theorizing the two had quarreled over Ubayd's treachery and the son had killed his father in anger.[1]

Najma decided to join the Brotherhood and train as an Assassin with her mother, in order to hunt her brother and avenge her father's death. After the fall of Granada, she relocated to support the Spanish Brotherhood, eager to fight the Templar Order's oppression of Moors in Spain.[1]



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