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Myrrine, also known as the Phoenix while in exile, the mother of the famed Spartan misthios, Kassandra, and Alexios, who would go on to serve the Cult of Kosmos. She was also the daughter of King Leonidas I of Sparta and the wife of Nikolaos, a famed Spartan general.

Myrrine fled Sparta shortly after the birth of Alexios in order to save his life when he was sentenced to be executed in order to avoid the prophesised downfall of Sparta. After a long and storied journey, Myrrine eventually found her way to the island of Naxos, where she ruled until 429 BCE when Kassandra, her estranged and believed-dead daughter, came seeking her family.

Together, Myrrine and Kassandra returned to Sparta and earned back their familial home and right to live in Lakonia.


Early life

Myrrine was born as the only daughter of King Leonidas of Sparta. After her father died in the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BCE, Myrrine inherited his signature spear recovered from the battlefield by Spartan soldiers. At some point, she met the famed philosopher Pythagoras, whose possession of the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus allowed him to live beyond his lifetime. The two developed a relationship which resulted in the birth of Kassandra. However, Pythagoras' obssession with his research of the Isu led him to leave Myrrine, secluding himself on the island of Thera. Myrrine was thus left to raise Kassandra by herself, keeping the identity of Kassandra's father a secret.[1]

Years later, Myrrine met and married the Spartan general Nikolaos, who devoted himself to living up to the name of Myrrine's father. To that end, Kassandra was trained from young in order to live up to the valor of her grandfather Leonidas.[1] During one session of the training, Myrrine handed down Leonidas' spear to Kassandra as a heirloom.[2]

Tragedy on Mt. Taygetos

"Nikolaos! Stop! Nikolaos! No! Nikolaos! Nikolaos! Look at me! Look at me, Nikolaos! Don't! Don't listen!"
―Myrrine pleading with Nikolaos not to punish Kassandra, 446 BCE[src]-[m]
ACOD Myrrine and Kassandra restrained

Myrrine and Kassandra being restrained

In 446 BCE, Myrrine was present when her son Alexios was seemingly killed by falling from Mount Taygetos, intended as a sacrifice, her daughter Kassandra tried to stop it but only made things worse by killing a priest. As punishment Nikolaos threw their daughter from the mountain, but her pleas failed to stop her husband.[3]

Myrrine managed to recover Alexios, somehow still clinging to life. Finding no sign of Kassandra, she was presumed dead. Myrrine traveled alone to Argolis, where she met a young Hippokrates, who directed her to look for the priests at the Sanctuary of Asklepios instead.[4] There, Myrrine was given shelter, food and a bath before being giving the conclusion that Alexios could no be saved.[5] However, the priestess Chrysis then took Alexios, aware he would survive, and raised him for the Cult of Kosmos' nefarious purposes.[6]

Heartbroken over having lost both children, Myrrine left Sparta after renouncing her name and Spartan citizenship,[1] eventually making her way to Korinth. There, she was given shelter by the hetaera Anthousa after she found her sleeping on the streets during a heavy rain. During her stay in Korith, Myrrine often kept to herself, refusing to reveal her past to Anthousa and the rest of the hetaerai. At one point, she also met the Monger, a member of the Cult who would later took control of Korinth. Eventually, she won a ship, the Siren Song, in a game of dice and departed from Korinth.[7]

ACOD Myrrine Xenia

Myrrine parting ways with Xenia

After adopting the name "Phoenix", Myrrine spent a period of time sailing before meeting the pirate queen Xenia. She became a member of her crew, forming a close friendship with Xenia, who remarked her as an excellent pirate. After sailing alongside Xenia for a period of time, Myrrine would later leave again,[8] eventually settling on Naxos Island and rising to become its leader, making her residence within the city of Naxos.[1]

Reunion with Kassandra

At some point around 429 BCE, her daughter Kassandra, long thought to be dead, tracked down Myrrine to Naxos and the two were reunited. Kassandra later helped her mother protect Naxos from Silanos, a member of the Peloponnesian League branch of the Cult of Kosmos who had insinuated himself into the Athenian leadership of Paros. [1]

With Paros dealt with and Naxos secure for the time being, she bid Kassandra to travel to Thera to meet her birth father before rejoining her in Sparta to root out the Cult's corruption there. [1]


  • Her name is derived from the Greek word μύρρο (mýrro), meaning 'myrrh'.
  • Phoenix is a mythological bird of fire associated with the sun. Every time the bird seems to die, it bursts into flames and is reborn from the ashes of its own immolation. The same can be said of Myrrine herself, having "died" as a mother from the apparent loss of her children only to rise again with a new purpose.
    • The achievement/trophy for completing Episode 5 is called "From the Ashes," a reference to Myrrine and the chapter's theme of collecting information leading to her.
  • Myrrine was born with a series of birthmarks on her arm, forming the constellation of Aquila. While looking for her, Kassandra used this identifying feature while talking with Xenia on Keos.[9]
  • Timo always stood by Myrrine, and seemed to have formed a bond with her. How deep that bond was, or what its exact nature, was never expounded on.
  • Out-of-game material, like The Art of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, constantly write her name as 'Myrinne'.




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