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"I know you do what's right in your heart, but you have to put your family first, lamb."
―Myrrine to Kassandra, c. 427 BCE.[src]-[m]

Myrrine was a Spartan noblewoman and a member of the Agiad dynasty who lived during the 5th century BCE. The daughter of King Leonidas I of Sparta, she was the mother of Kassandra and Alexios, who went on to become a prominent misthios and a Sage of the Cult of Kosmos respectively.

After losing both of her children as a result of a conspiracy waged by the Cult of Kosmos, Myrrine went into a self-imposed exile from Sparta and became a pirate under Xenia, gaining the moniker of the Phoenix. After a period of time, Myrrine retired from piracy, becoming the obligarch of Naxos and leading the polis against Paros.

It was during her tenure that she learned of her children's survival, which led Myrrine to devote herself to reunite her family and reclaim their familial home in Sparta. Myrrine would support her daughter in her fight against the Cult of Kosmos and bring her son back from the cult.


Early life

Myrrine was born as the only daughter of King Leonidas of Sparta. Her arm was adorned with birthmarks that formed the constellation Aquila.[1] Years after her father died in the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BCE, Myrrine inherited his signature spear recovered from the battlefield by Spartan soldiers. At some point, she met the famed philosopher Pythagoras, whose possession of the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus allowed him to live beyond his lifetime. The two developed a relationship which resulted in the birth of Kassandra, in 458 BCE. However, Pythagoras' obsession with his research of the Isu led him to leave Myrrine, secluding himself on the island of Thera. Myrrine was thus left to raise Kassandra by herself, keeping the identity of Kassandra's father a secret.[2]

Years later, Myrrine met and married the Spartan general Nikolaos,[3] who devoted himself to living up to the name of Myrrine's father. To that end, Kassandra was trained from young in order to live up to the valor of her grandfather Leonidas. During one session of the training, Myrrine handed down Leonidas' spear to Kassandra as a heirloom.[4]

Incident on Mount Taygetos

"Nikolaos! Stop! Nikolaos! No! Nikolaos! Nikolaos! Look at me! Look at me, Nikolaos! Don't! Don't listen!"
―Myrrine pleading with Nikolaos not to punish Kassandra, 451 BCE[src]-[m]

Myrrine and Kassandra being restrained

In 451 BCE, Myrrine was present when her son Alexios was seemingly killed by falling from Mount Taygetos, intended as a sacrifice, her daughter Kassandra tried to stop it but only made things worse by killing a priest. As punishment Nikolaos threw their daughter from the mountain, but her pleas failed to stop her husband.[5]

Myrrine managed to recover Alexios, somehow still clinging to life. Finding no sign of Kassandra, she was presumed dead. Myrrine traveled alone to Argolis, where she met a young Hippokrates, who directed her to look for the priests at the Sanctuary of Asklepios instead.[6] There, Myrrine was given shelter, food and a bath before being giving the conclusion that Alexios could no be saved.[7] However, the priestess Chrysis then took Alexios, aware he would survive, and raised him for the Cult of Kosmos' nefarious purposes.[8]

Finding a purpose

Heartbroken over having lost both children, Myrrine left Sparta after renouncing her name and Spartan citizenship,[9] eventually making her way to Korinth. There, she was given shelter by the hetaera Anthousa after she found her sleeping on the streets during a heavy rain. During her stay in Korith, Myrrine often kept to herself, refusing to reveal her past to Anthousa and the rest of the hetaerai. At one point, she also met the Monger, a member of the Cult who would later took control of Korinth. Eventually, she won a ship, the Siren Song, in a game of dice and departed from Korinth.[10]

Myrrine parting ways with Xenia

After adopting the name "Phoenix", Myrrine spent a period of time sailing before meeting the pirate queen Xenia. She became a member of her crew, forming a close friendship with Xenia, who remarked her as an excellent pirate. After sailing alongside Xenia for a period of time, Myrrine would later leave again, informing Xenia that life as a pirate was not her true call.[1]

After spending some time sailing, Myrrine arrived in Naxos, an island polis who were at war with Paros. Seeing that the state needed a leader, Myrrine decided to remain on the island, and became its oligarch. The Cult of Kosmos, having tracked her down, sent Silanos to Paros and planted him as the rival state's oligarch to eliminate Myrrine. When the Parians made an alliance with Athens, Myrrine was left with no choice but realigned herself with Sparta again to receive support. By the time of the Peloponnesian War, Myrrine had a number of generals serving under her, including Chersis, Euneas, Hektor, and Timo.[11]

Reunion with Kassandra

Myrrine reuited with Kassandra

In 429 BCE, Myrrine was reunited with Kassandra, who had been tracking her whereabouts with the help of Aspasia. However, their reunion was cut brief when a number of Parian soldiers launched another attack once again. With the help of Kassandra and her generals, Hektor and Timo, Myrrine was able to repel attack, finally allowing for time to catch up with her daughter. After discussing Alexios and the Cult, Myrrine brought Kassandra around the island to show her process in rebuilding the island. When the two arrived at the villa, Myrrine sent Kassandra to locate and her rescue her admiral Euneas while she left to attend a symposium held at the Temple of Dionysos.[11]

Myrrine agreeing to return to Sparta

At the symposium, Myrrine met Aspasia, who informed her of an assassination attempt on her life by the Cult. Myrrine brushed off Aspasia's warnings, stating that she needed to be in the public due to her role as the states' oligarch. The two were later joined by Kassandra, who agreed to locate the assassins and eliminate them. Although deducing the assassins to be sent by Silanos, it was later revealed that they had in fact been sent by one of the Kings of Sparta. Stunned and motivated by this revelation, Myrrine agreed to return to Sparta.[12]

Before doing so, Myrrine sought to ensure that Naxos would be safe without her, by eliminating Silanos and the Parian fleet. With Kassandra's aid, Myrrine and the Naxian fleet were able to defeat the Parian fleet including Silanos.[13] With Paros dealt with and Naxos secure for the time being, Myrrine remained to spent time with Timo and before leaving for Sparta,[14] told Kassandra of her birth father, but not who he was. Myrrine left Naxos in the hands of Aspasia, who stayed behind as the island's new archon. Myrrine then accompanied her daughter aboard the Adrestia to Sparta. They encountered a storm on the way, but Barnabas and his crew fought through it.[15]


Myrrine and Kassandra's return to Lakonia

In 428 BCE, Myrrine returned to Sparta with Kassandra and stood before their old home, where Brasidas greeted them. He informed them that the state had claimed their home after the events in Megaris, and they would have to convince the two kings, Archidamos and Pausanias, to return it. Brasidas suggested they bring a "gift" as well, in the form of dealing with a local helot rebellion.[16]

Later, Myrrine visited the Tomb of Leonidas, where Kassandra joined her. They reflected on his legacy and, through the power in their blood and the Spear of Leonidas Kassandra held, were able to see a vision of his past, when he confronted the Cult of Kosmos in the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, and defied the Pythia's "commands" to allow Xerxes to conquer Greece. The vision ended with Leonidas ordering his men ready to march to Thermopylai. At that moment, Pausanias walked up and greeted the two women. He offered sympathies for the tragedy that tore their family apart, and suggested Kassandra deal with the krypteia stoking the flames of the helot rebellion as a gift for their eventual audience.[17]

Myrrine at the meeting with the Spartan kings

After their tense audience with the two kings, Kassandra was tasked with delivering Sparta's champion to the Olympic Games in Elis, as well as defeating the Athenian forces occupying Boeotia and claiming the region for Sparta, in order to bring glory to Sparta and redeem their family in the eyes of the gods. Myrrine, meanwhile, journeyed with Brasidas to Arkadia to track down another Cultist. Kassandra eventually joined them and determined the Cultist was Lagos. Brasidas and Myrrine disagreed on how to deal with him—Brasidas wanted to convince him to leave the Cult, as his death would bring chaos to Sparta's breadbasket, whereas Myrrine wanted his head on a pike as a message to the Cultist King.[18]

Myrrine pleading with Kassandra to bring Alexios home

Regardless of the methods, their labors were completed, and the two women returned to Sparta to unmask and confront the Cultist King. Myrrine summoned the ephors, the five Spartan citizens who held power over even the two kings, to the second audience, and by day's end, Pausanias was exposed as the Cultist King and slain. Archidamos, now the sole ruler of Sparta, ultimately restored the Agiad women's lands and birthright. As they settled back into their home, Brasidas entered and told them Deimos was fighting alongside Athenian forces at Pylos, decimating the Spartan troops. Kassandra left to render assistance, but not before Myrrine begged her to liberate her brother from the Cult's control and bring him home.[19]


In 2018 when Layla Hassan relived the memories of Kassandra via a degraded genetic sample found on the Spear of Leonidas using her Animus HR-8.5, it simulated an alternate version of events. In it, Myrrine told Kassandra to search for her father much earlier, after the Paros Blockade.[13] Myrinne also did not accompany her daughter to Sparta, instead traveling separately and arriving first.[20]

Behind the scenes

Myrrine's name is derived from the Greek word μύρρο (mýrro), meaning 'myrrh'.

  • Phoenix is a mythological bird of fire associated with the sun. Every time the bird seems to die, it bursts into flames and is reborn from the ashes of its own immolation. The same can be said of Myrrine herself, having "died" as a mother from the apparent loss of her children only to rise again with a new purpose.
    • The achievement/trophy for completing Episode 5 is called "From the Ashes," a reference to Myrrine and the chapter's theme of collecting information leading to her.
  • Myrrine was born with a series of birthmarks on her arm, forming the constellation of Aquila. While looking for her, Kassandra used this identifying feature while talking with Xenia on Keos.[1]
  • Timo always stood by Myrrine, and seemed to have formed a bond with her. How deep that bond was, or what its exact nature, was never expounded on.
  • Out-of-game material, like The Art of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, constantly write her name as 'Myrinne'.




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