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"Leave me be! I'm no house wife!"
―Myriam having second thoughts regarding marrying Norris.[src]

Myriam was a huntress during the American Revolutionary War who resided at the Davenport Homestead.

Growing up, Myriam chose to live a life in the wild, instead of conforming to the traditional alternatives of convents or brothels for a woman. In doing so, she severed all ties to her immediate kin, and lost track of her family's whereabouts.


Life on the Homestead

Following the discovery of the Davenport Homestead's rich lands and abundant wildlife, Myriam went to request permission to hunt there, but was confronted by a group of poachers. She attempted to sway them into hunting legally, but was unsuccessful and they attacked her.[1]

ACIII-SilentHunter 9

Achilles tending to Myriam

The Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, commonly known as Connor, later found the injured Myriam and brought her to stay at the Homestead manor, where Achilles Davenport tended to her wounds. While Myriam recovered, Connor killed most of the poachers, but left one alive to warn his compatriots.[1]

After recovering from the attack, Myriam began to sell her surplus kills to the Homestead residents and traded her furs around Colonial America. She then set up camp in the northwestern part of the Homestead, where she hunted, skinned, and roasted her kills.[1]

Later, after two of her snares were snapped by a prowling white cougar, Myriam requested Connor's aid in tracking it. Following a lengthy pursuit, she eventually succeeded in killing the beast.[2] Myriam later came to the aid of her fellow residents on two occasions, when Ellen's abusive husband attempted to break into her home[3] and when a platoon of Redcoats came after the blacksmith, David Walston.[4]

Relationship with Norris

After a failed attempt to gain her favor with wild flowers, Norris decided to give Myriam a new knife when Connor informed him that her current one had broken. Later, Myriam got into another confrontation with a poacher – the same one Connor spared – and used Norris' knife to fend off the poacher's attacks; the poacher fled at the sight of Connor, only to be swiftly killed. After this event, Myriam recognized her feelings for Norris on a personal level.[5]

The Wedding 1

Myriam and Norris telling Connor of their engagement

Over time, the relationship between the pair culminated in marriage, though Myriam began having second thoughts as the date of the wedding approached. These nerves led to her fleeing from Connor as he came to check on her before the wedding ceremony.[6]

After a lengthy chase and discussion with Connor, Myriam felt reassured enough to go through with the wedding. During the ceremony, Father Timothy suggested Connor act in place of Myriam's father, which he accepted, giving her to Norris in marriage. Once the two were wed, the couple held a reception at Oliver and Corrine's tavern, the Mile's End.[6]


  • Both Myriam and Norris were illiterate, shown when they required Dr. Lyle White's assistance in reading a letter regarding Norris' mined goods.
  • Myriam seemed to hold utmost respect for Achilles, lingering behind at his funeral even after everyone but Connor had departed.
  • Myriam was a skilled free-runner, as demonstrated by her running along tree branches in a wedding dress.




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