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"Mykonos is a lot busier than Kephallonia. Markos would like it here."
―Kassandra, c. 431 BCE[src]

The main city on the island

Mykonos is a Greek island situated in the Aegean Sea. A sister island of Delos, together the two are known as the Silver Islands because of the silver treasury of the Delian League held on Delos.


The main settlement on the island is its capital city of Mykonos.[1]

Though the island's bedrock is mostly granite, Suenites Quarry on the southern shore of the island is famed for its marble.[2]

Like Delos, Mykonos features a landscape regarded as breathtakingly beautiful by visitors far and wide. Cypress trees, white, sandy beaches, and fresh lagoons are some of the characteristics of Mykonos, and this environment reinforces the holy status of the islands.[3]

A key landmark of the island was the gigantic statue of the goddess Artemis, located between its western and eastern regions.[1]


According to the myths, as relayed by Barnabas, Mykonos island was "built from the (petrified) corpses of giants, slain by the legendary Herakles." [1]

During the Peloponnesian War, the island was ruled by the corrupt strongman, Podarkes, the so-called King of the Silver Islands, prompting a rebellion led by a woman named Kyra. She sent out requests for aid that were answered by Sparta as well as the Spartan misthios Kassandra.[4]

Joining forces with the rebellion, Sparta and Kassandra succeeded in overthrowing the Athenian rule on the Delian Islands.[4]


The island of Mykonos was made up of two regions:


  • Barnabas' mention of the island being built on bodies of giants is confirmed by the info tidbit for Mykonos City, while a reference to the non-bowdlerized version is made by Leiandros at Warrior's Rest in Pephka.




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