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My Brother for a Horse was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


The horse breeder Darius begs Bayek to return his beloved prizewinning stallion Hermes. There's one catch, the horse has been requisitioned by the Romans.


Bayek visited a stable, where a horse breeder called out to him.

  • Darius: Hey, Egyptian, come see! Are they not the worst nags you've ever seen?
  • Bayek: I heard Cyrenaican horses are the best in the world?
  • Darius: They are! Which is why that cursed Roman Quartermaster stole my prized stallion Hermes. Hermes wasn't only my fastest horse, but my best breeder. The mares miss him. I miss him. I'll pay you...
  • Bayek: Yoi want me to rescue a horse?
  • Darius: I love him like a brother, actually my brother's a donkey's arse. I love him more than my brother. That drunken thief Quartermaster is probably already at the Archile Pandocheion by now. It's on the road to Alexandria. Could you find Hermes and bring him home to me?

Bayek made his way to the Achile Pandocheion, finding the quartermaster but the horse nowhere to be found.

  • Bayek: That must be the thieving quartermaster.

After assassinating him, he recovered a papyrus from his body.

  • Requisition List:
    Three bales of Silphium – delivered to the depot in Balagrae for processing.
    Five milking cows – awaiting orders
    25 amphorae of Kyrenaika wine (watered down) – delivered to Leander's villa.
    One Kyrenaikan stallion "Hermes" delivered to Prefectus Equitatius at the East Roman Fort.
  • Bayek: The quest for Hermes continues.

Bayek rode down the road to the fort mentioned in the papyrus. Along the way, he found the stallion ridden by the prefectus mentioned. After eliminating the Roman, he rode Hermes back to his rightful owner.

  • Bayek: Alright Hermes, there's a good boy.
    So what's so special about you Hermes? The way your master talked about you, I half expected you to fly! (laugh)
    That's it boy! You do feel more powerful than other horses I have ridden. Strong and lithe!

Bayek returned to Darius.

  • Darius: Hermes my boy! You really found him!
  • Bayek: Here you are boy, back with your master.
  • Darius: Hermes! You will get the best hay and my best mare tonight, old friend.
  • Bayek: Quartermaster gave him to the Centurion up at the East fort. He won't come looking for him.
  • Darius: Those forts! They steal everything from us! Ah well, we will breed a strong line of champions from you, won't we, boy.
    Here's your reqard, friend, and well earned.


Bayek helped Darius to find and return his prized stallion Hermes, receiving a mount as a reward.


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