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The Muspels were a faction of Isu who primarily operated in the realm of Múspellsheimr. Millenia after the Great Catastrophe, they would be remembered by humans as "fire jötnar" who were led by Surtr during Ragnarök.[1]


The Muspels were a splinter group from the main jötnar faction who were ruled by the Isu tyrant and genocidal warlord, Surtr.[2] It has been told by Surtr's estranged daughter Eysa that Surtr regularly makes the Muspels commit atrocities amongst themselves in order to keep himself amused while in Múspellsheimr.

Unlike their frigid counterparts, the jötnar, most of the Muspels were genocidal extremists [citation needed] who blindly obeyed their tyrant's every command and would decimate any civilization they were commanded to, without mercy or conscience. They would also take pleasure in exercising their enormous sadistic appetites on any prisoners they take, and would prolong their captive's suffering. Even Odin admitted that the atrocities they committed and aberrations of nature they made were unnatural and something he would never wish on anyone. [citation needed]

Shortly after the Æsir–Vanir War, the Muspels invaded Álfheimr and massacred all of the elves, before Surtr stole all of their sacred knowledge on souls and used their "light" to render himself near-immortal. Just prior to the Great Catastrophe, the Muspels once again assisted Surtr's invasion of the dwarven kingdom Svartálfaheimr,[3] with the intention of kidnapping Baldr and acquiring the Salakar left by the elves ages ago.

Behind the scenes

Unlike the jötnar, the Muspels do not have a named equivalent in Norse mythology. Instead, they are only indirectly referred to in the Prose Edda as "Múspell's sons",[4] based on another name for Muspelheim from which the Assassin's Creed: Valhalla expansion Dawn of Ragnarök takes their name.

Given the fact that Sinmara was mass producing "hugrless" Muspel soldiers in Afalvat Mylna,[5] it is never clarified whether Muspel soldiers were comprised of actual Isu, altered human soldiers, other hominids like Neanderthals, or if they were artificial sentries like the Kolossi.