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Murder in the Temple was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A young priest has been brutally murdered and his body left for public display. The local Phylakitai, Epigonos, asks Bayek to help investigate.


Bayek discovered a crowd standing in front of the Sarapeion of Karanis. He approached the crowd and found a phylakitai investigating a bloody body, with a mask on its face.

  • Epigonos: Keep back! This doesn't concern any of you. Carry on with... whatever it is you do.
  • Woman 1: Another murder! Amun, how horrible!
  • Woman 2: It's the young priest from the temple. Gods save us!
  • Man 1: Who will be next? No-one is safe!
  • Man 2: It is this cursed temple. I told you. It is a blasphemy! The gods are angry!
  • Epigonos: Move back! Back!
ACO Murder in the Temple 3

Bayek asking Epigonos about the murder

Bayek addressed Epigonos.

  • Bayek: Are you the Phylakitai?
  • Epigonos: Yes. Try not to trample the scene. My job is hard enough as it is.
  • Bayek: My apologies, as a protector I am attracted to such scenes.
  • Epigonos: A fellow protector? Ah yes, I see your badge. You are a Medjay? From the Old Kingdom, wow! Forgive me. This gruesome business has us all on edge.
    This is the latest in a series of chilling ritual murders by Wadjet cultists. To be honest, I'm a little out of my depth.
  • Bayek: I may be of some use to you. I am not unfamiliar with murder scenes.
  • Epigonos: Perhaps you could help investigate? The cultists usually leave a message. I haven't figured it out yet. We could check the temple.

Bayek and Epigonos ventured towards the temple.

  • Bayek: You said there have been other murders?
  • Epigonos: The cultists are murdering temple acolytes, public figures in Karanis. No-one knows why. Anyone could be their next target. The Greeks are terrified. They're saying locals are involved and are calling for blood.
ACO Murder in the Temple 4

Bayek following Epigonos to the temple

They arrived at the temple.

  • Epigonos: The timing is inconvenient. Years of work building over the poorly constructed Egyptian temple. Endless delays and problems. Now this. There's a lot of pressure to solve this. But please, take your time, enjoy the temple.

Bayek investigated a toppled chair covered in blood.

  • Bayek: This is a lot of blood. Someone was bound and tortured here, in front of the statue. By the signs, they were cut up badly then dragged outside.
  • Epigonos: It must have been the poor acolyte. There was no-one else here. Why did they do this?

Bayek discovered the statue smeared with green paint and a bunch of tools at its feet.

  • Bayek: A Greek god where an Egyptian god once stood. This would make some in Egypt very angry.
    Someone has smeared the god with green paint. The head's also been covered. Wait... something else is up there.
ACO Murder in the Temple 6

Bayek finding a mask of Wadjet

Bayek climbed up the statue and discovered its face had been covered with a sheet, with an ankh and a snake painted with green paint. A mask was also placed on the statue's arm, along with a skull.

  • Bayek: Serapis' face is hidden and defaced with more green paint. A green mask of Wadjet has been placed here. Wadjet is goddess protector of Upper and Lower Egypt. Someone is making a clear statement. But how did they get up here carrying all of this?
ACO Murder in the Temple 7

Bayek finding a bloody scene

Bayek investigate the top floor and found a letter on a table coated with blood.

  • Bayek: Amun, this is written in blood. It is still wet!
  • Killer's Letter:
    Today our temple is avenged against your filthy Greek god. Your high priest's blood will pay the debt to Wadjet. For Egypt! For the goddess!
  • Bayek: The murderers are going to kill the High Priest next. We have to find him. The Phylakitai should know where he is.
ACO Murder in the Temple 8

Bayek asking Epigonos for the High Priest's location

Bayek climbed down to the first level and talked to Epigonos.

  • Bayek: Phylakitai! I found the cultist's message. They're going to kill your High Priest next.
  • Epigonos: The High Priest! By Serapis no! Karanis' spirit will die if he does!
  • Bayek: We need to find him. Where is he? Think Phylakitai!
  • Epigonos: His villa is nearby. I know of a spot overlooking it from a safe distance. This way!

Bayek and Epigonos went to look for the High Priest.

  • Epigonos: We can see the whole area from the temple wall.
  • Bayek: Your temple is the reason for this trouble. It is a bitterness for the locals.
  • Epigonos: That's absurd! It has increased industry and trade. Everyone has benefitted.
  • Bayek: Your dead acolyte and High Priest may not agree.
  • Epigonos: Gods, the trouble I'll get if the High Priest lies dead! We must hurry.

They climbed up a wall overlooking the High Priest's villa. They discovered the High Priest being surrounded by bandits.

  • Epigonos: That's the High Priest! Those men have him surrounded. You must help him!
  • Bayek: Quickly! Get to the main entrance and act when I do.
  • Epigonos: Yes, ah... or I could stay up here as lookout! I'll warn if more bandits approach. You go!
ACO Murder in the Temple 10

Cultists surrounding the High Priest

Bayek climbed down the wall and approached the villa. He overheard the conversation between the High Priest and the cultists.

  • High Priest: This is madness! You gain nothing by killing me. Greece and Egypt will grow together. Our gods do not fight. Why do we?
  • Cultist: Hypocrite and blasphemer! You defiled our temple, replaced our gods with your own! Your life is forfeit!

Before the bandits could strike, Bayek eliminated them. Afterwards, he approached the High Priest.

  • High Priest: They were going to sacrifice me!
  • Bayek: You are safe now. It is fortunate you were not at the temple. You would already be dead.
  • High Priest: Serapis! They would have butchered me! These Egyptians are prayerless demons, and not men!
  • Bayek: It was an Egyptian who saved you, priest. Remember that when you pray and give thanks. We Medjay protect all, regardless of their class.

The High Priest left the villa. Epigonos arrived shortly after.

  • Epigonos: I came as soon as the fighting began. I see I am too late! Thank you for your help, Medjay. it certainly made my work here easier.
  • Bayek: You have interesting timing. What do you know of these bandits?
  • Epigonos: Egyptians unhappy with the Greeks here. Who knows what holes they crawl from? Seeing a Greek god in place of their own incensed them, no doubt.
  • Bayek: Understandably. You have not seen the last of such trouble, I think. The Ptolemies tend to divide us at times.
  • Epigonos: Sadly, I agree. Greece has brought Egypt much wealth, yet some resist all progress.
  • Bayek: This depends on your idea of progress. Progress for Egypt, or for Greece? Farewell Phylakitai. Next time you protect, remember my code.


Bayek uncovered a plot by a cult of Wadjet and managed to save the High Priest from the cultists.


  • Following the end of the cult, the defaced statue of Serapis was cleaned up, and all traces of the cult's deeds, save for a bit of green paint, were removed.
  • Bayek: All the blood has been washed away, but some green paint remains. Perhaps it is fitting. Some things should not be forgotten.



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