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Murder and Mayhem was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


When meeting up with the Sage Bartholomew Roberts again, Edward was directed to assassinate Benjamin Hornigold, who had tailed him.


  • Edward: Can you feel it, Adé? We're moments away from the grandest prize of all.
  • Adéwalé: I feel nothing but a hot wind in my ears, captain.
  • Edward: Come on, man. When we take this treasure, we'll be set for life. All of us. Ten times over.
  • Adéwalé: As you wish.
  • Edward: Ahoy, Roberts! We'll cast anchor and meet ashore.
  • Roberts: You were followed, captain Kenway. How long for, I wonder?
  • Adéwalé: It's Hornigold.
  • Edward: Burn and flay that turncoat.
  • Roberts: Deal with your old friend in haste, captain. Before I regret my favor to you.
  • Adéwalé: Captain, think carefully about what you mean to do here.
  • Edward: What are you grousing about, Adé? It's Ben Hornigold come to kill us out there!
  • Adéwalé: Aye, and the traitor needs to die. But what then? Can you say with certainty that you deserve the Observatory more than he and his Templars?
  • Edward: No, I can't! And I don't care to try. But if you've a better idea, by all means tell me.
  • Adéwalé: Forget working with Roberts! Tell the Assassins. Bring them here and let them protect this place.
  • Edward: Aye, I'll bring them here! If they're willing to pay me a good sum for it.
  • Adéwalé: Bah... We'll have a hard fight if Hornigold draws us any deeper into this fog. We're nearing "The Devil's Backbone".
  • Edward: You mean them crags that look like the backbone of a beast?
  • Adéwalé: Aye. (The Devil's Backbone) the Spaniards call it.

Edward located Hornigold's vessel, the Benjamin.

  • Edward: There's Hornigold. Get in close.
  • Adéwalé: We're in close quarters here, captain. Careful you don't run us aground.
    Can you do this Breddah? Is your heart up for it?
  • Edward: Truth be told, I was hoping the sea would swallow him up, and see the job done for me.
Murder and Mayhem 3

Edward pursuing the damaged Benjamin

Hornigold's ship was damaged in battle and ran ashore, after which the crew fled onto the island.

  • Edward: I will be coming back.

Edward went ashore as well, seeking out Hornigold.

  • Hornigold: Some mighty piss-poor sailing back there, lads! And if we live out this day, by God, I'm flaying every last bitch of you! Steady up! And keep your backs together, lads! This fight ain't over!
    I know this bastard, and I've seen what he can do. He'll be after me, sure as I'm standing here! Hold your ground, and be ready for anything!

Edward assassinated Hornigold.

  • Hornigold: You could have been a man who stood for something. But you've a killer's heart now. With nothing but mettle to show for all your blunders.
  • Edward: A damn sight better than you have, Ben. The heart of a traitor, who thinks himself better than his mates!
  • Hornigold: Aye, and proven true! What have you done since Nassau fell? Nothing but murder and mayhem!
  • Edward: You threw in with the very kind we once hated!
  • Hornigold: No! These Templars are different. I wish you could see that. But if you continue on your present course, you'll find you're the only one walking it! With the gallows at its end.
  • Edward: It may be. But now the world has one less snake in it. And that's enough for me.


Edward assassinated Benjamin Hornigold, allowing him and Roberts to locate the Observatory in peace.



  • Upon killing Hornigold, Edward wipes a tear off his eyes, making this memory one of the few he actually cries.
  • When exploring the island, several Spanish soldiers could be seen in the island. They could be useful in distracting British soldiers with a berserk dart and to find Hornigold.


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