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ACBM Mumbai


Mumbai is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, located along the western coast of India.


By October 2013, a cell of Assassins operated in the city from a small safehouse. Jasdip and Siobhan Dhami held Jot Soora captive in a building complex in the city, under the impression that he was the descendant of Arbaaz Mir, and forced him to relive his genetic memory in the Brahman V.R. However, they were attacked by agents of Abstergo Industries. Siobhan was killed in the assault, and the top floors of the building were destroyed with a bomb.

The Assassins later retrieved Jot again with his fiancée Monima Das, only to be attacked by another squad of Abstergo agents en route to their safehouse. Jasdip managed to take out several agents, but the Assassins' van steered off the Mumbai Pune Expressway, landing in the water. Only Jasdip and Jot survived the attack and escaped to the safehouse, which was again attacked by Abstergo agents led by Juhani Otso Berg, forcing it to be abandoned.



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