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Perks are passive enhancements. Players get one slot in their Profile Sets upon reaching Level 20, and a second slot upon reaching Level 30. These perks are always in effect and there are currently eight perks available through leveling.

Enhanced Autobash[]

Blender Perk

Awarded when the player reaches level 20.

The Enhanced Autobash perk increases the number of characters you can run into while in high profile without stumbling. This is useful when you're in chase or pursuit mode and any slow down could result in failure. You can always just use the unarmed hand button to shove people as you're running, but this perk will help you out if you can't get to it in time.

Wall Runner[]

Awarded when the player reaches level 22.

The Wall Runner perk allows you to climb slightly higher up a wall when starting a climb. This perk is useful in chases when you need to get away quickly or when you need to catch someone while climbing up a wall.


Awarded when the player reaches level 27.

The Resistance perk reduces the amount of time one is stunned by his/ her targets. The normal stun time is 5 seconds, and with Resistance is 3 seconds. This perk is useful when stunned and your target tries to escape, using this typically gives them little time to escape and keeps you closer to your target. Also it reduces the amount of time you're left helpless on the ground for pursuers to easily kill you.


Enhanced Autobash Perk

Awarded when the player reaches level 30.

The Blender perk changes one character in a blend group to your character skin when you blend in with them, unless one of them already has the same skin as you. This is a good way to quickly fool a pursuer you know is close to you without wasting one of your abilities to disguise yourself or morph the whole group.

However, the downside of this ability is that it also generates the white Animus skin transition effect on the affected civilian character, similar to that of Disguise ability. If your pursuer actually sees you as you enter the blend group, he/she might notice the transition effect.

Fast Getaway[]

Awarded when the player reaches level 33.

The Fast Getaway perk reduces the amount of time a player needs to remain outside a pursuer's line of sight or stay in hiding when escaping a pursuer by 25%.

Chase Expert[]

Awarded at level 38.

The Chase Expert perk allows one to run 15 % faster during chases at their target. Even though you don't run as fast as you do with the Sprint Boost ability you are able to quickly catch up to your target.

Overall Cooldowns[]

Awarded at level 40. The Overall Cooldowns perk takes 10 seconds off the cooldown time for every ability. This is useful for long recharging abilities like poison or the hidden gun to recharge quicker so you can use them more often and implement them better.

Silent Hunt[]

Awarded at level 42.

The Silent Hunt perk increases the amount of time you can remain in high profile while near a target without ensuing a chase. This is useful for "free running masters" who enjoy rushing their targets as their targets may remain unaware to their presence.