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"Have strength, and know that whatever happens you have my gratitude and love, whether in this life or the next."
―Mukhlis speaking to Altaïr during the battle with Fahad's bandits.[src]

Mukhlis was a tradesman who became the steward of Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, following the retaking of Masyaf.


Fahad's bandits[]

Mukhlis lived in Masyaf with his wife Aalia and daughter Nada. At one point, he was forced to leave the village and travel across the desert, and received a painted stone with a text saying "Good luck, Papa." as a gift from his daughter.

During his return, Mukhlis had to stop at a well in the desert, out of exhaustion. At the well, he saw a man, who he assumed to be a traveller like himself. The next day, Mukhlis woke up with a figure standing over him and a blade to his neck as he attempted to get up. The two companions of the stranger were sifting through Mukhlis' possessions, discarting anything they perceived as worthless. Eventually, they have discovered the stone Nada had given her father. As Mukhlis was about to be hanged upside down from a tree, the two bandits disposed of the stone by throwing it into the well.

Soon after, the aged Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad had arrived, and eliminated one of the bandits. However, due to his age, he was unable to fend off the remaining attackers, leaving himself on their mercy. At that moment, Mukhlis managed grabbed ahold of Bayhas, son of Fahad, the bandit leader, allowing Altaïr to use the distraction and free Mukhlis from his bonds.

Service to Altaïr[]

Following the battle, the wounded Altaïr collapsed, but was taken home by Mukhlis, where he and his family tended the Assassin's wounds and kept him safe. Eventually, Altaïr recovered and began formulating a plan of retaking Masyaf and the Assassin Order from Abbas Sofian, as Mukhlis rallied the villagers to help the Assassin.

Following Altaïr's restoration as the head of the Brotherhood, Mukhlis became his personal steward and friend, helping escort Niccolò Polo and Maffeo Polo to their meeting with Altaïr during the fall of Masyaf.


  • "Mukhlis" is an Arabic name which means "loyal" or "sincere".