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Much Ado About Drinking was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Duleep Singh identified an associate of the Royal Jeweller, and Jacob offered to interrogate him for the location of the Koh-i-Noor diamond.


Jacob met Evie and Duleep outside a nearby pub.

  • Duleep: I put my ear to the ground and found someone who may know the location of the Koh-i-Noor diamond.
  • Jacob: Excellent. Heists are my favourite.
  • Duleep: A man by the name of Cornelius Toti-Button-
  • Jacob: Beer-drinker... What? I can tell.
  • Duleep: He is apparently a friend of the Royal Jeweller.
  • Evie: How will we find him?
  • Duleep: He frequents a pub in the City of London borough called "The George".
  • Jacob: Sounds like the sort of man I know how to deal with.
  • Evie: Don't be ridiculous-
  • Jacob: Fret not, dearest sister! I will take care of this one on my own.
  • Duleep: Come find me in Westminster when you have the information we need.

Jacob traveled to The George and located Cornelius Toti-Button.

  • Jacob: Not with the Royal Jeweller this evening? It's a shame to drink alone.
  • Cornelius: Whatever it is you want from me, I'm not interested. What I am interested in is ordering another pint.
  • Jacob: I'll tell you what: if I can out-drink you, you tell me where the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond is located.
  • Cornelius: Ha ha ha! You think you can drink me under the table? That's a lot to wager on a losing battle.
  • Jacob: I'll take that as an accepted challenge then. Barkeep?! Two pints over here!

Jacob and Cornelius drank continuously. The next morning, Jacob woke up from a haystack, hungover and wearing only his attire for bare-knuckle fights.

  • Jacob: Oi, my gut... What happened last night? ...Well, I'll never make it back to the train in this state. I'll have to try to remember what happened... I know I was at a pub... but which one?

On the way to The George, Jacob passed by Charles Dickens.

  • Dickens: Ah, you survived the night I see. I wasn't sure what would become of you!

Jacob entered the pub and spoke with the bartender.

  • Bartender: You're back! I thought I'd seen the last of you when you sauntered off to that shooting competition!

The night before, Jacob and Cornelius went to an alley outside The Cauldron and Stewpot.

  • Cornelius: The name of the game is-
  • Jacob: Shoot the Bottle?
  • Cornelius: Precisely! Can you do it?
  • Jacob: Can you tell me where the diamond is?
  • Cornelius: You have to beat me at this first!

Jacob shot a number of glass bottles while drunk, with Cornelius reacting accordingly.

  • Cornelius: James is a pretty good shot!
    What, are you drunk or something?
    You're a good shot! Better than I ever would have guessed!

Jacob followed Cornelius to another spot for the shooting game. Again, Cornelius reacted accordingly to Jacob's performance.

  • Cornelius: The next pint's on me!
    Oooh, that's too bad!
    You're a good shot! Better than I ever would have guessed!
    We're done with this pub but not done for the night! Onto the Bricklayers' Arms with you, Johnnie-boy! Follow me!
  • Jacob: It's Jacob!

At the Bricklayers' Arms, Jacob relieved himself against the wall while Cornelius got his attention.

  • Cornelius: Jack! Did you see that? Who did that?
  • Jacob: Who did what? Never mind, Cornelius. Just tell me where the diamond is.
  • Cornelius: Someone spilled it! Some bastard spilled my beer!
  • Jacob: Listen-
  • Cornelius: Beer!
  • Jacob: Fine! I'll find the fool that did this!

Jacob began an investigation in the pub.


  • Dickens (Spilled drink): By Jove! Spill someone's drink? Why would I ever do such a nasty thing?!
  • Dickens (Blighters): Sour bunch. Dwindling in number but absolute terrors in this particular neighbourhood.
  • Dickens (Card game): One for the books, or so I heard. Lots of sweat, blood, and tears last night. Those Blighters can put on quite a show. Walk away with full pockets from those games, they do.
  • Dickens (accused): Most times you'd be right, but I swear I'm as innocent as a hot-house flower. That Cornelius can be a real tit, though. I'm sure he had it coming.
  • Brutus (Spilled drink): The pettiest thing someone can do, if you ask me. You have to have one ugly personality to do that, you do.
  • Brutus (Poker Game): Last night's game? Why, I won that fair and square! If Cornelius is still goin' on about that, he deserves a kick in the mouth. His money is mine, and there's nothing he can do about it.
  • Cornelius (Spilled drink): I was talking to that yarn-spinning oaf, Dickens when I turn back to my drink and it's all over the place! I bet you good money those evil Blighters did this!
  • Cornelius (Enemies?): What about 'em? I hate those bastards! They love to terrorize me. You need to do something about them.
  • Cornelius (Card game): You've got the wrong man. I haven't played a game of card in a dog's age! Heh heh...


  • Deck of cards - A card game; recently played.
  • Empty beer mug - The beer is all over the floor, and several people seemed to have stepped in it... Maybe there's a lead somewhere in those trails?


Cornelius was accused of spilling the drink.

  • Cornelius: You think I spilled my own beer?! Ludicrous!... Wait... Maybe I did...

The Blighters came and accosted Jacob.

  • Brutus: There he is! Come fight me like a real man. Skins and fists!

Jacob dressed down and fought the two thugs hand-to-hand.

  • Jacob: We better get out of here before they start asking for more.

Jacob escorted Cornelius out of the pub.

  • Cornelius: That was a bit frightening now, wasn't it? I think I'm going to be sick...
  • Jacob: None of that now, come let's get you home.
  • Cornelius: I don't think I can stand.
  • Jacob: You must be joking.

Jacob followed Cornelius, who was then held at gunpoint by a thug in an alleyway.

  • Thug: Your purse, drunkard! Give up your purse!
  • Cornelius: Help me! What did I do to deserve this!

Jacob shot the thug and Cornelius was freed.

  • Cornelius: Oh, Joseph. I'm so glad to have a friend to join me.

Jacob followed Cornelius until a pair of Blighters attacked.

  • Blighter 1: You're the nitwit from the pub!
  • Blighter 2: Let's make 'em sorry for pokin' their nose in the wrong places!

Jacob fought off and killed the Blighters.

  • Cornelius: We had such fun! We should do this every night!
  • Jacob: Are you still talking?
  • Cornelius: I think I overdid it tonight. Oh well, I'll sleep it off.

Jacob followed Cornelius to Cornelius' house.

  • Cornelius: This is my place. You're a good drinker you know. You might be better than me.
  • Jacob: I am! And never you forget it!
  • Cornelius: Goodnight then, Julia-
  • Jacob: But wait-

Jacob's recollection ended. The morning after, he left to find Cornelius.

  • Jacob: At least I know where to find him...

Jacob went to Cornelius' house, but Cornelius was not there.

  • Jacob: Where is that Button fool?

Jacob located Cornelius asleep in a nearby tree. Jacob kicked the tree, causing Cornelius to fall down.

  • Jacob: How did you get up here? I walked you home!
  • Cornelius: Jacob-
  • Jacob: Finally! Now tell me. Where is the bloody diamond?
  • Cornelius: Does this technically count as winning? Alright, alright! It's in the Tower of London, surprise. It's being held there until tonight's gala finishes and then it will be shipped back to the Royal Jeweller for another cutting.
  • Jacob: Many thanks, Buttons!
  • Cornelius: Now hold on right there-


After a long night of drinking and carousing, Jacob learned the location of the Koh-i-Noor diamond in London.



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