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Moving Mirabeau was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Following the revelation that the late revolutionary leader and Mentor of the Assassin Brotherhood Honoré Mirabeau had served as an advisor to King Louis XVI, the Templars attempted to steal Assassin relics from his crypt underneath the Panthéon. Arno and a team of Assassins were sent in to remove the relics before this could happen.


A crowd stood before the Panthéon.

  • Bishop: This mob is after a dead man.
  • Protester: Mirabeau the traitor!
  • Bishop: Mirabeau, fallen leader of the Republic - and of the Assassin Brotherhood - has been publicly disgraced.

Mirabeau was shown meeting with King Louis.

  • Bishop: Negotiating with the King was a dangerous play. But Mirabeau wanted a peaceful revolution.
Mirabeau's corpse was shown being cremated.
File:Moving Mirabeau 2.jpg
  • Bishop: He paid for it with his life. And was given a proper Assassin burial.

Maximilien de Robespierre entered a carriage in front of the Panthéon.

  • Bishop: His remains were placed in the sacred Panthéon. Until Robespierre exposed his collusion with the King. Now these fanatics want him removed.

A Templar thug spoke to his men guarding the Panthéon from the crowd.

  • Thug: I want every door, ledge and entrance covered. Nobody gets in!
  • Bishop: If the mob gets Mirabeau's relics, the secrecy of the Brotherhood is at risk. Beat them to it, and move Mirabeau's relics to a safe location.

Arno made his way towards the Panthéon.

  • Bishop: The secret crypt is hidden in the Panthéon's lower levels. Get inside and take a look around.
  • Crowd: Mirabeau the traitor!
    Let me in!
    Get Mirabeau!
    Where's Mirabeau?
    Get him!
    Find Mirabeau!
  • Thug 1: What the hell is a relic, anyways?
  • Thug 2: Beats me.
  • Thug 1: I'll brain the first bastard that gets close.
  • Thug 3: Keep this crowd out at all costs!
  • Thug 4: How much longer, sir?
  • Thug 3: As long as it takes to find the relics. Understood?
  • Thug 4: Aye!

Arno infiltrated the Panthéon.

  • Bishop: Okay, careful now. The Templars and their thugs must be crawling all over the place looking for Mirabeau's secret crypt.
  • Thug 5: They'd better hurry up down there.
  • Thug 6: Relax.
  • Thug 5: National Guard is going to be here soon, and I wanna be gone by then. What is taking so long?
  • Thug 6: I don't know. Haven't heard anything.
  • Thug 5: I'm tired of waitin' around up here. That crowd's getting restless.
  • Thug 6: I'm not afraid of a couple of peasants.
  • Thug 5: Think the men up front can keep the crowd at bay?
  • Thug 6: Stop worrying.
  • Thug 7: What did Mirabeau do, anyways?
  • Thug 8: They caught him making peace with the King.
  • Thug 7: No wonder they're pissed.
  • Thug 8: Must be well hidden, whatever they're looking for down there.
  • Thug 7: Mirabeau had powerful friends.
  • Thug 8: So do we.

Arno entered the catacombs beneath the Panthéon.

  • Bishop: Time to find the Assassin crypt. You'll have to use eagle vision to open it.
  • Thug 9: What are we looking for, anyways?
  • Thug 10: Something that matches those rings.
  • Thug 9: I don't see anything.
  • Thug 10: See anything?
  • Thug 9: Nothing. This is a fool's errand.
  • Thug 10: Keep looking.
  • Thug 11: How the hell do we open this thing?
  • Thug 12: Must have something to do with those rings.
  • Thug 12: Why didn't they warn us about this?
  • Thug 11: They'd better figure this out.
  • Thug 12: It's been hours.
  • Thug 11: Idiots.
  • Thug 13: Don't touch it!
  • Thug 14: We've got to try something.
  • Thug 13: What if it's a trap?
  • Thug 14: What the hell do these symbols mean?
  • Thug 13: You're supposed to be the expert.
  • Thug 14: This is worse than Nostradamus. I'll need time.
  • Thug 13: What if we pull on the torches?
  • Thug 14: You'll just burn your hands. Help me with these rings.

Arno found hidden symbols on the walls matching those on the floor.

  • Bishop: That symbol looks like it matches the one on the stone rings.
    Three symbols, three rings... I'm sensing a pattern here.
    Each one of those ring must spin.
    Rotate the rings using the pedestals, so the symbols you found point towards the crypt. You'll see where, if you look on the rings.

Using his Hidden Blade, Arno activated the pedestals and aligned the symbols on the rings on the floor towards the Assassin crypt. He then entered the crypt and recovered the relics.

  • Bishop: They didn't make it easy, did they? Time to get out of there with the relics before backup arrives.

As Arno left the Assassin crypt, National Guard troops entered the catacombs and killed the thugs.

  • Bishop: Uh, the cavalry has arrived. Looks like you're going to have to sneak past the whole National Guard.
  • Guard 1: What do you suppose they wanted down here?
  • Guard 2: Who knows, just make sure no one's hiding down there.
  • Guard 1: Looks all clear.
  • Guard 2: Check again, it's chaos around here.
  • Guard 3: How the hell did they get in here before us?
  • Guard 1: I don't know. Who were they, anyways?
  • Guard 2: Who knows? What a disaster. Check the bodies.
  • Guard 1: Find anything?
  • Guard 3: A couple of them had these rings. Mean anything to you?
  • Guard 1: Rings? Give 'em here. Maybe they're worth something.

Pulling a torch, Arno opened a gate leading out of the catacombs. As the crowd and National Guard entered the Panthéon, he escaped the area.

  • Bishop: Okay, next time, maybe they should put Mirabeau's relics someplace a little safer.


The Assassins recovered Mirabeau's relics, ensuring that the Brotherhood was not compromised.


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