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Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon is a small community in Virginia, most famous for being the home of the Washington family. It was the birthplace of Lawrence Washington, a politician and secret member of the Templar Order, as well as the older brother of George Washington.


Originally called by its native name of Epsewasson, Mount Vernon was bought by John Washington and Nicholas Spencer in 1674. By 1690, the land was split between their heirs, with the little area of a hunting creek left with the Washingtons. The land was renamed Little Hunting Creek by Augustine Washington, with his son Lawrence overseeing the tobacco plantation and renaming it Mount Vernon in 1738 in memory of his former commanding officer in the Royal Navy, Vice Admiral Edward Vernon.[1]

In 1752, the Assassin Shay Cormac infiltrated the docks at Mount Vernon and intercepted a special package meant for Lawrence, a state-of-the-art air rifle, which he promptly tested on a guard. Leaving the ship, Shay was able to locate Lawrence as he met with his fellow Templars in the midst of a garden party.[2]

As Lawrence walked around the grounds entertaining his guests, Shay was able to approach the man and kill him undetected, before making his escape aboard the Morrigan. Following Lawrence's death, George Washington inherited Mount Vernon.[2]

Behind the scenes

If Shay visits Mount Vernon after becoming a Templar, the area surrounding the manor is listed as a restricted area, with the guards reacting with hostility, probably because he killed Lawrence.

Mount Vernon is accessed through the River Valley, despite the fact that the River Valley is based off the Hudson and St. Lawrence Rivers, both of which are quite far from Mount Vernon's location in real life.



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