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Mount Taygetos

"The gods can keep Olympus. This is the best view in all the Greek world."
Kassandra upon visiting the mountain, c. 429 BCE[src]

Mount Taygetos (Greek: Ταΰγετος), also known as "Profitis Ilias", or "Prophet Elias" is the highest peak of the mountain range located in Peloponnese, Greece. The name 'Taygetos' is one of oldest recorded, appearing in Homer's Odyssey. During Byzantine times and up until the 19th century, the mountain was also known as Pentadaktylos (Πενταδάκτυλος; Greek for 'five-fingered').



According to tradition, the legendary twins Kastor and Polydeukes were born on Mount Taygetos.[1]

5th century BCE

Sometime during the mid 440s BCE, the baby Alexios was sentenced to death after the acting Pythia Praxithea of the Sanctuary of Delphi foretold that Leonidas' younger grandchild would bring ruin to Sparta, as per the order of the Cult of Kosmos.[2][3] Kassandra attempted to save her brother and inadvertently pushed both the priest and Alexios off the cliff to their apparent deaths and was sentenced to death for murder. Nikolaos ended up causing her to fall from the top of Mount Taygetos.[4] However, both children survived and became fierce warriors.[5][6]

Years later in 422 BCE, Kassandra and Alexios, now the Cult's enforcer known as Deimos, fought with the latter dying at his older sister's hands.[7]




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