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Most Adamantly was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra came across a woman who asked her to follow her.


Kassandra traveled near the Adamant Metallon beneath the Tower of Understanding and heard a woman call out to her.

Kassandra spoke to her.

  • Elpis: Quick! Follow me.
  • Kassandra: And trust a stranger?
  • Elpis: I'm no stranger. I'm Elpis. And I've been watching you.
  • Kassandra: That's not ominous at all.

They ran up some steps to a small plaza overlooking the adamant mine.

  • Elpis: I'll drop the cloak and dagger. I've been training to become like you. But training isn't enough—you're more than a warrior. The blood of the gods runs through your veins.
  • Kassandra: I thought they preferred "Isu" in Atlantis.
  • Elpis: The Isu may as well be the divine with how they rule. Cold. Calculating. Indifferent to the people milling beneath them. But it's not just Isu blood that makes you special, is it? There's something else.

Elpis began pacing around Kassandra, seemingly nervously and tapping her hands together.

  • Kassandra: Well, you tell me.
  • Elpis: I'm talking about this. Your spear.

Elpis lifted the Spear of Leonidas from Kassandra's back with sleight-of-hand and held it in front of her.

  • Kassandra: Showing off for me, are you?
  • Elpis: Just a little. Are you impressed?

  • Kassandra: You're strangely charming for a thief.
  • Elpis: Flattering, but we have business to attend to, Dikastes.

Elpis handed the spear back to Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: So, what do you want from me?
  • Elpis: I'm... involved with Atlas. He's afraid of taking the relationship public. He says his enemies would exploit me as his weakness, so he keeps me a secret.
  • Kassandra: Wait, you're in love with Atlas?
  • Elpis: From my experience, I'm not sure Isu men truly love. Nevertheless, I need to make him see that I can be his strength. Our partnership might be a key to bridging the gap between Isu and humans.
  • Kassandra: Your love is strategic.
  • Elpis: If we take the relationship public, we could marry and I could rule the district by his side, influence policy, and ease then tension between the two groups. But, so long as I am merely human, it can never be. That's why I want to be like you.

(Asked "What are your goals for Atlantis?")

  • Kassandra: You seem very passionate about Atlantean politics.
  • Elpis: Atlas doesn't approach the human and Isu conflict with compassion for humanity. I believe I can bring that compassion.
(Completed Burden of Leadership – "How can you love someone as cruel as Atlas?")
  • Kassandra: Someone so eager to kill his own brothers hardly strikes me as husband material.
  • Elpis: Atlas is like any Isu, aloof and unchanging. That's why we make a good team. I bring out his... humanity.

(Leave – "I'll help you.")

  • Kassandra: It would be nice to have another ally in Atlantis. What's your plan?
  • Elpis: At the Adamant Metallon, they harvest a metal used to create devices just like your spear.
  • Kassandra: My spear is the strongest metal ever forged. Could this be used to forge other weapons?
  • Elpis: Well... adamant ingots could. But what I need is raw adamant. I know the one who can forge it for me. Atlas can't suspect what I'm up to, so make sure you're not seen.
  • Kassandra: He doesn't know about this?
  • Elpis: I'll tell him the truth when the time is right. Please, hurry back.

Kassandra infiltrated the Adamant Metallon and made her way down the mineshafts into the depths of the mine.

{Detection changes a small amount of dialogue in Blood Gets In Your Eyes}

[Found area where raw adamant is stored]

[Recovered the raw adamant and returned to Elpis]

[Final dialogue with Elpis]


Kassandra recovered raw adamant for Elpis and agreed to meet with her at the Doma of Atlas after she's done all her jobs as Dikastes.


  • Knowledge Sequence 1 is required to be able to complete this quest.


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