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Mortem Romanum was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


On Kawit's behalf, Bayek searches the length of the Nile for Gaia Afrania, the Roman human trafficker, killer, and kidnapper.


Bayek entered the house of Nef, where he discovered children weeping over a man's body.

  • Bayek: Ugly to kill in front of the little ones. What happened here?

Kawit entered the house, kneeling down and weeping as well.

  • Bayek: Who was he?
  • Kawit: Nef. The children called him Father. This is his house. This is his house!
ACOD Mortem Romanum 2

Kawit preparing to leave to avenge Nef

Kawit stood up, groaning.

  • Bayek: You are injured.
  • Kawit: I don't give a shit. The Roman hag who did this leaves by boat for Alexandria today. Help me feed her to the crocodiles one piece at a time.
  • Bayek: I can go alone. No need for you to bloody yourself further.

Bayek turned to leave.

  • Kawit: It has to be me!
  • Bayek: Is your need worth leaving the children unprotected?
  • Kawit: Destroy her name, Bayek of Siwa.

Bayek left the house.

  • Bayek: I need to move quickly, or this monster will flee Memphis.
    Senu can find a ship with colored sails faster than I can.
ACOD Mortem Romanum 5

Bayek finding Gaia's ship

Bayek headed to the docks and boarded a felucca. He rode it out to the river in search of Gaia's ship. With Senu's help, he discovered the ship's whereabouts and climbed onto it.

  • Gaia Afrania: I cannot wait to wring the neck of that wretched girl, Kawit.
    Can we turn the ship a little to one side? The sun is in my eyes.
    This will be a useless trip. So little cargo, and none of it human.
    The river breeze is like to the breath of the north wind! Ambrose, go below and fetch my woven shawl. The red one.

Bayek attacked Gaia and her guards.

  • Gaia: Guards! An interloper has boarded my ship!
    My men will gut you if you damage my smallest fingernail! Keep your distance!
    I will make sacrifice to you, Pluto, if you spare me! Dates, figs -- a black pig!

Bayek killed the soldiers and Gaia.

  • Bayek: Kawit has her vengeance now. I hope it quiets her heart.


Bayek assassinated Gaia Afrania aboard her ship, thus avenging Nef's death and all the children Gaia had exploited.



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