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This article is about the 18th century mace. You may be looking for the Morning Star, a 5th century BCE mace.
ACU Morningstar


A morningstar, or l'étoile du matin in French,[1] is a mace whose head is adorned entirely with spikes.


A modification of the mace, the basic profile of a morningstar therefore consists of a spherical metal head mounted atop a shaft. It distinguishes itself for the spikes that cover this ball, greatly enhancing its lethality. Alongside the usual crushing power of a mace, these spikes ensure that a morningstar can utterly pulverize a human's skull with one smash.[1] It was similar, in some respects, to earlier flanged maces.[2][3]

Like other one-handed weapons, the morningstar has heavy and polearm derivatives in the form of the heavy morningstar and l'étoile polaire.[1]


Although by the 18th century, maces were no longer commonly utilized by soldiers, the standard one-handed morningstar was still sold in Paris at the time of the French Revolution.[1]

Weapon statistics

Level Damage Parry Speed Range Cost Modifiers Requirements
* * * * 4 4 4 2 5,000₣ Additional Damage: +25% N/A



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