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Apollo 11 approaching the Moon

The Moon is a permanent natural satellite of the Earth and the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System.


Sometime between 75010 and 75000 BCE, the Capitoline Triad sought a solution to the incoming solar flare that would strike and scorch the Earth. One of their earliest possible solutions came into being when they discovered that once enough humans sat in thrall of the Pieces of Eden, their thoughts became a reality. With this discovery at hand, the trio sent an Apple of Eden into space to enthrall the Earth so that they could wish the sun's threat away, but the Apple's beam was out of place. The trio ultimately sent a dozen Apples into the sky, but they all propelled off their course.[1] One of these Apples crashed on the Moon and remained there for several millennia.[2]

In the 1960s, the Templars sought to recover the Apple from the Moon, and manipulated NASA into initiating the Apollo program. On 20 July 1969, the Apple was retrieved from the Moon's surface by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first two humans to walk on the Moon.[2]

In 2010s, during his captivity at Abstergo Industries, Clay Kaczmarek included the Moon and the Apollo program in the Glyphs he left behind for his successor Desmond Miles to find and solve.[3]

Cultural significance

The Moon has featured in multiple mythologies throughout the world. Ancient Greeks revered the Moon via the goddess Artemis, and considered the crescent moon to be the symbol of Nyx, the goddess of night and darkness.[4] The Romans revered the Moon via the goddess Diana.[2] Ancient Egyptians worshipped the Moon via the deities Khonsu and Thoth. They also saw the crescent moon in the ibis bird's bill.[5] Furthermore, the Egyptians believed that while the Sun was the right eye of the god Horus, the Moon was his left.[6]

Among the native Iroquois, the Moon was said to be the eye of the mythical Sky Woman, with her other eye becoming the Sun.[7]




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