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The five artifacts

In 2012, there were five artifacts that could be found by Desmond Miles within Monteriggioni. These items were notable for being seen during Ezio Auditore da Firenze's life, and were all owned by members of the Auditore family.

After retrieving each of the artifacts, Desmond would store them on a set of shelves within the Sanctuary, in which he and his fellow Assassins were hiding, and they could be seen situated to the left of his laptop.[1]

Artifact locations[]

Maria's Feather Chest[]

One of the artifacts was the chest in which Maria Auditore da Firenze kept the feathers collected for her, in memory of her youngest son.[1]

Upon exiting the Sanctuary, Desmond could find the chest by turning around and freerunning up a wall towards a round window. After this, there was a lift nearby that would send him to the top of the roof, with the feather chest being located to the left of the landing spot, inside a cannonball crater.[1]

Ezio's Belt[]

The second artifact was the belt worn by the Master Assassin Ezio Auditore, and could be located at the very front of the city, opposite of the Sanctuary, where the brothel would stand, if you're facing the front gate its in a puddle to the right, on the elevated part.[1]

Medici Cape[]

The cape that Lorenzo de' Medici granted Ezio Auditore after he saved his life, by killing the Pazzi conspirators, could also be collected as an artifact by Desmond.[1]

It could be found in plain sight, located on the altar inside of the church. The church itself was easy to spot from most rooftops, as it was recognizable by its cross and steeple.[1]

Claudia's Record Book[]

The book which Claudia Auditore da Firenze used to chronicle the records of Monteriggioni's wealth was available to be collected.[1]

When Desmond exited the Sanctuary, he could obtain the book by turning around and re-entering Mario's study. The book was to the right side of the doorway, along the wall.[1]

Mario's Sword[]

The sword that Mario Auditore used as his personal blade could be obtained by Desmond.[1]

Upon exiting the Sanctuary, Desmond could find the blade by going to the front of the villa. From there, he would need to head down the stairs towards the training ring and jump over the ledges directly in front of him. After this, he would carry onwards until he reached a street with trashcans to his left and a white car to his right. Following this, Desmond would then head down the alley that the car was in to the right, making his way towards a tree. The sword would be sticking out of a stone directly next to the tree, to which he could then pull the artifact from the ground.[1]


  • The shelf where the artifacts are stored was empty right before Desmond and the others left for the Colosseum, regardless of how many Desmond found.
  • Despite the fact that Ezio received his new robes after his arrival in Rome, the belt found bears the Roman variation of the Assassin insignia.
    • However, it's quite possible that Ezio left this belt behind sometime when he returned to Monteriggioni after the attack, as was noted by Desmond when he saw an apparition of an older-looking Ezio.
  • The achievement "Dust to Dust" required that Desmond find at least one of the artifacts.
  • The items did not appear until Desmond had rerouted the power to the Villa and entered the Animus.
  • The location of Mario's sword bears some similarities to The Sword in the Stone, since both Mario's sword and Excalibur were pulled from stones by descendants of former rulers.