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Monster of the Sea was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Daniel Boone told Connor about a sea monster, prompting him to investigate.


  • Boone: I'm not one for sailing but I know it's out there. Some call it a kraken, others just a sea monster. They say it's fifty feet long if it's an inch and it rolls ships for sport. You won't find me out on the high seas searching for the beast, that's a guarantee I can give you, but it's a riddle that needs solving.

Connor eavesdropped on a pair of civilians.

Monster of the Sea 2

Connor eavesdropping on a pair of civilians

  • Civilian 1: You seen the serpent?
  • Civilian 2: You bet your arse I've seen the serpent. Thing was horrifying.
  • Civilian 1: Where was it?
  • Civilian 2: Just out past the breakwater. Came up to the surface to have a look then plunged right back down again. The parts I saw was thirty feet, who knows how much remained under water?

Connor eavesdropped on another pair of civilians.

  • Civilian 3: Jack says there's an old man that's always around when the beast appears.
  • Civilian 4: Jack's say a lot of things.
  • Civilian 3: But this be one I believe. They say he commands the thing.
  • Civilian 4: Pfff. Some old man ordering a kraken about. What a bunch o' fluff.
  • Civilian 3: Dunno, mate. A lot o' men I trust spin the same yarn.

Connor eavesdropped on another pair of civilians.

  • Civilian 5: You hear the serpent weaver died?
  • Civilian 6: The ol' thief's buried not far from here. Man was a blight. Good riddance.

Connor eavesdropped on another pair of civilians.

  • Civilian 7: That old fellow people said called the kraken bought the farm not long ago. Nobody's seen the beast since.
  • Civilian 8: So it was true then!
  • Civilian 7: Didn't say that. Maybe you could ask his widow, she won't leave his grave.
Monster of the Sea 4

Connor speaking with the widow

Connor approached the man's widow at his grave.

  • Widow: You come to pay your respects? You're the first. He didn't have many friends. People just didn't understand. He was a good trader. He was a good husband. I never wanted for anything.

Connor investigated the trader's workshop, and found that the Sea Monster was simply a rather elaborate diving suit-like contraption.


A new tale was unlocked in the Database.



  • The diving gear is based on the diving machine invented by Heinrich Klingert in 1797 thus making it anachronistic.


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