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Monmouth is a county in New Jersey.


During the American Revolutionary War, the farmers Warren and Prudence lived in Monmouth when the British Army came demanding their entire yield. Warren refused, and the troops responded by killing their animals, salting their land, and assaulting them. The Assassin Connor noticed and promptly fought off the soldiers, and brought them to live on the Davenport Homestead.[1]

At some point during the war, Connor captured Fort Monmouth for the Continental Army. He also warned George Washington that the British were planning to march from Philadelphia to New York City, allowing them to plan an attack from Valley Forge.[2] The Patriots won the Battle of Monmouth, despite an attempt by Charles Lee to order a retreat to make Washington appear foolish. Connor exposed Lee's ploy,[3] and Lee was subsequently court-martialed.[4][5]

Four years later, in 1782, Connor followed Lee to the aptly-named Last Drink tavern in Monmouth. The two men, both exhausted and wounded from their previous confrontation in Boston, sat down and shared a drink before Connor killed Lee.[6]




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