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Monkey See, Monkey Do was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore, who had not forgotten the Climb Leap technique that Rosa had done before, asked her if she could teach him how to do it.


Ezio found Rosa at the thieves guild.

  • Ezio: Salute, Rosa (Hello, Rosa). You seem to be healing well.
  • Rosa: How are you finding Venezia?
  • Ezio: It has its charms. But how do you deal with the smell? Che schifo (How disgusting)!
  • Rosa: So, what brings you to me?
  • Ezio: I was hoping you could help me with something.
  • Rosa: And that would be...?
  • Ezio: I want to learn to climb the way you do.
  • Rosa: Oh. Va bene (Alright.) I can do that. Well, I can't, but Franco can. Franco! Muovi il culo (move your ass)! Show Ezio how to reach the top of that scaffolding.

Franco began to climb. Ezio viewed him carefully.

  • Rosa: Begin in a hanging position then jump to the ledge above you. As you reach it, grab it with your hand and pull yourself up. There. See how it works?
  • Ezio: I think so...
  • Rosa: Only one way to find out. Try it yourself.
    Jump, Ezio!
    Grab the ledge at the height of your jump!

Ezio climbed the scaffolding and successfully performed the Climb Leap.

  • Ezio: So? How did I do?
  • Rosa: I've seen better.
  • Ezio: Ah! You wound me with your cruel, cruel words!
  • Rosa: Alright, smargiasso (show off), let's put your skills to the test.
  • Ezio: I'm all ears!
  • Rosa: Meet me in front of the Frari!


Ezio successfully learned how to Climb Leap from Rosa's good teaching.


  • The climb leap used by Ezio differs slightly from the ones by Rosa and Franco.



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