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Monger Down was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Given a choice to deal with the Monger in secrecy or in public, Kassandra made her choice.


After destroying the Monger's warehouse with Brasidas, Kassandra found Anthousa at her home near the Porneion.

  • Kassandra: Your plan seemed to work. The Monger's thugs ambushed me.
  • Anthousa: I heard. I also heard you had no problems dealing with them.
  • Kassandra: It wasn't my first fight in Korinth.
  • Anthousa: Or your last. We're going to take the Monger to task at the theater. I've arranged a Korinthian drama no one will forget.
  • Kassandra: Brasidas is worried about the anarchy that could follow the Monger's death. He wants him dead, but wants it done quietly.
  • Anthousa: That man is a long way from Sparta. This is Korinthia, so we'll do it the Korinthian way.

  • Kassandra: I'm with you. We'll put on a show.
  • Anthousa: Meet me and my girls there. The public has no idea what spectacle they're about to witness.

Kassandra travelled to the theater. A while later, the Monger arrived with guards of the Cult of Kosmos.

  • The Monger: You wanted a fuckin' show?
  • Kassandra: I wanted you to see the face of every person you've wronged.
  • The Monger: I'll cover their faces with that precious blood of yours. Just like I shoulda done with Myrrine.

In a flashback, Myrrine was shown arguing with the Monger in the port.

  • Myrrine: You'll never rule these streets, you pig!
  • The Monger: Oh, you bet your pretty face I will.

The Monger grabbed Myrrine by her neck.

  • Myrrine: Get your filthy hands—
  • The Monger: And when I do, I'll rip your fucking head right off and send it to the Cult as proof.

The Monger let her go. The scene returned to the present.

  • Kassandra: You... you knew my mater?
  • The Monger: She was big fuckin' trouble. But I'll pay her back. When I'm done with you, I'm gonna find your mater and bring her your fuckin' head.
  • Kassandra: Not if I bring her yours first.
  • The Monger: They won't have much to say after I smash your brains all over the stage.
    Get the fuck off my streets.
  • Kassandra: They're not yours anymore.

The Monger and his men attacked Kassandra, who ultimately defeated them, forcing the Monger to submit. Anthousa and her followers arrived, surrounding the Monger.

  • Anthousa: People of Korinth! Behold the weasel that steals your bread! The scourge that spoils your crops!

  • Kassandra: You've waited long enough to get your hands on him.
  • Anthousa: The pleasure is all mine.

While Kassandra turned her back and walked away. Anthousa and the hetaerae]] drew out their knives and stabbed the Monger to death, dismembering his body. Afterwards, bloody Anthousa walked up to Kassandra.

  • Kassandra: Feel better?
  • Anthousa: I have been starving for this.
  • Kassandra: He deserved all of it.
  • Anthousa: And you deserve your answers. Come, let's speak. In private.

  • Kassandra: Deimos would be disappointed in you.

Kassandra drew out her spear and slit the Monger's throat.

  • Anthousa: He is dead!

Anthousa approached Kassandra.

  • Anthousa: It's time. Soak in your victory, then meet me somewhere quiet. I'll tell you all I know about your mother.

  • Kassandra: I agree with Brasidas. I say we take him to the Sacred Cave.

Anthousa rolled her eyes and made a no gesture showing her disagreement.

  • Anthousa: This isn't what we planned.
  • Kassandra: The Monger needs to be erased from existence. We'll fight him in a private place, and he'll die. A simple transaction, remember?

Anthousa shook her head.

  • Anthousa: If you insist. We'll meet you at the Sacred Cave.
ACOD Monger Down 03

Kassandra confronting the Monger

Kassandra travelled to the Sacred Cave, where the Monger and his men were waiting in.

  • The Monger: So it is you. A demi-god in the soot-and-shit streets of Korinth? Killing my men? Helping those fuckin' parasites?
  • Kassandra: That's me.
  • The Monger: Arrogant, just like your mother.

In a flashback, Myrrine was shown arguing with the Monger.

  • Myrrine: You'll never rule these streets, you pig!
  • The Monger: oh, you bet your pretty face I will.
ACOD Monger Down 06

The Monger threatening Myrrine

The Monger grabbed Myrrine by her neck.

  • Myrrine: Get your filthy hands—
  • The Monger: And when I do, I'll rip your fucking head right off and send it to the Cult as proof.

The Monger let her go. The scene returned to the present.

  • Kassandra: What? You knew...
  • The Monger: Oh, I fuckin' knew her, all right. She was big fuckin' trouble. But I'll pay her back—when I'm done with you, I'm gonna find your mater and bring her your fuckin' head. Deimos will wish he was watchin' this.
  • Kassandra: Not if I bring her yours first.
  • The Monger: Get the fuck outta my city.
  • Kassandra: It's not yours anymore.
ACOD Monger Down 07

The Monger defeated by Kassandra

Kassandra defeated The Monger's men and forced him to submit.

  • The Monger: Wish I coulda been there to watch Deimos break your neck.
  • Kassandra: Don't make me laugh.

As she readied to deliver the final blow, Anthousa arrived.

  • Anthousa: Wait! No!

Anthousa reached the Monger and Kassandra.

  • Anthousa: The people of Korinth must see him die!
  • Kassandra: Anthousa...
  • Anthousa: Take him out of here and bring him to the theater! Show everyone his cowardice!

  • Kassandra: No.
ACOD Monger Down 11

The Monger's death

Kassandra slit his throat with the Spear of Leonidas. He clutched his hands to the wound in a futile attempt to stem the blood as he fell over dead.

  • Kassandra: You wanted him dead. Here he is.

As she sheathed her spear, Anthousa shook her head in disappointment.

  • Anthousa: It's a shame the people don't get to see him bleed.
    His cries should have run out across the city!
  • Kassandra: He's dead. I've delivered. Your turn.
  • Anthousa: Yes, you're right. He's dead.
  • Anthousa: Take his body to the square. Let the people get a last good look at him.
  • Anthousa: As for you, Kassandra, I owe you information. We'll talk about your mother. Just not here.

Kassandra carried out a stealthy execution of The Monger, as Brasidas had wished.

  • Kassandra: Fine. Lead the way.
  • Anthousa: To the theater!
    For all to see him as he really is.

In spite of initially following Brasidas' plan, Kassandra decided to bring The Monger to the theater for the public execution Anthousa craved.

(The same scene will be shown if Kassandra had earlier choose to agree to Anthousa's plan)

Later, Anthousa met Kassandra anew at her home.

  • Anthousa: I can't give enough thanks for what you've done. And for once I can also thank Alkibiades—he sent you here, after all.
  • Kassandra: There is more to him than meets the eye.
  • Anthousa: He knew you could save Korinth from that beast.

  • Kassandra: Everybody benefits, everybody wins.
  • Anthousa: You've proven to be a very valuable business partner.
  • Kassandra: Speaking of business. You owe me, Anthousa.

Kassandra: It's no secret that I'll also benefit from his death.

  • Kassandra: Let's talk.

  • Anthousa: Yes, Myrrine.
  • Anthousa: She came and left Korinthia in a flurry, but made an impression on me. Like a great storm.
  • Kassandra: I remember that part of her well.
  • Anthousa: A strong woman with great intensity. She wanted to find her place here in Korinth, but never found what she was looking for.
  • Kassandra: You speak of her kindly. You were her friend.
  • Anthousa: Perhaps on the surface. But she had a great pain in the middle of her that no one could get to.
ACOD Monger Down 13

Anthousa reflecting on her encounter with Myrrine

  • Kassandra: How did you come to know her?
  • Anthousa: There was so much rain that night... I saw her sleeping in the streets and gave her shelter.
  • Kassandra: She was a vagrant? I wonder what my father'd think of that.
  • Anthousa: I didn't know what happened to her. All she told me was that she'd left the place that tore her apart. Sparta.

  • Kassandra: Did she find work?
  • Anthousa: She kept to herself—with one eye always on the port.
  • Anthousa: She could have stayed with us. But I think she was looking for something else.

  • Kassandra: Was there no mention of her past? A husband, family...
  • Anthousa: Nothing. Speaking of Sparta only brought her misery. It's like a part of her was missing.

  • Kassandra: After Korinth—where did she go?
  • Anthousa: That, I don't know.
  • Kassandra: She must have given you some hint.
  • Anthousa: I don't think even she knew where she was headed. All I know is she won a ship thanks to a lucky dice throw.
  • Anthousa: Tyche owed her that much, at least. I remember the ship's name well—Siren Song.
  • Kassandra: Siren Song.
  • Anthousa: It was famous for weathering all that Poseidon threw in its path.
  • Kassandra: Thank you, Anthousa.
ACOD Monger Down 14

Anthousa thanking Kassandra for her efforts

  • Anthousa: May the gods look well upon you, Kassandra. Visit me any time—I'll catch you up on Korinth's affairs. It seems I have an interesting future ahead of me.
  • Kassandra: So do I.

Kassandra left Anthousa and mulled the information she had received.

  • Kassandra: Siren Song. If I can find someone who knows the ship, I'll be one step closer to finding her.


The Monger was slain, ending his reign of terror in Korinth. Kassandra learned that her mother set sail from Korinth aboard the Siren Song, a ship she won in a game of dice.


  • If defeated in the Sacred Cave, the Monger can be left behind before "talking" to him to decide his final method of death. He will persist globally in the game world until the player returns to kill him. Unlike Chrysis, however, his death is required to complete the quest and advance the main story. Waiting too long to finish him off may also have the unintended side effect of respawning his men.
  • If killed at the theater, either after a fight at the theater or taking him there after a defeat in the Sacred Cave, all of the hetaerae will be present in a circle around him, including Kleio, regardless of whether or not she actually returned to Korinth at the conclusion of Follow That Boat. This may be just reuse of models, given that among the hetaerae only Anthousa's model is unique.



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