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Altaïr: "Your tyranny ends here, Moloch!"
Moloch: "Oh no! It will continue. Beyond me, and you, and Bouchart... It will outlast us all."
―Moloch to Altaïr, moments before his death.[src]

Moloch (died 1192), also referred to as The Bull, was the leader of a group of religious zealots based in Kyrenia, and an ally of the Templar Order.

Moloch was the father of twins, Shalim and Shahar, who were also major Templar figures on the island of Cyprus.


Upon discovering that an Assassin, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, and his companion, Maria Thorpe, had arrived in his city, Moloch promptly placed a price on both their heads. After Jonas' death at Altaïr's hands, Moloch's religious fanatics were stirred up into a riot.

Afterwards, Maria, who had met Moloch before, told Altaïr of him, describing him as a "pious blowhard" and saying that he resided in Kantara Castle. Altaïr infiltrated the fortress and soon found Moloch, whom he attempted to assassinate. However, Moloch detected his presence, catching him by the throat and throwing him across the room.

The two engaged in a duel, and the Assassin eventually proved to be more skilled, and was able to kill Moloch by strangling him with his own flail.

Personality and characteristics

Moloch was a towering man of immense strength, wielding a flail resembling a morning star. He was also a religious fanatic who surrounded himself with followers that shared his zealous ideas of serving their God.


  • The name Moloch referred to an ancient Ammonite god, and was later adapted to describe something that required a costly sacrifice.
  • Moloch was the narrator of the trailer for Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines.
  • Moloch's character model was notably unique, as he possessed a larger body structure than most other characters in Bloodlines.
  • Moloch's weapon, named the "Mace of the Bull," was available for purchase in Assassin's Creed II, exclusively for the PlayStation 3. It was unlocked once Assassin's Creed II was synchronized with a completed game save of Bloodlines. This version is not connected to a chain, and uses blunt weapon animations.
    • While the weapon uses blunt animations, it still uses sword sound effects, which means that the animations and sound effects often don't match.
  • Like most major antagonists of Bloodlines, Moloch could not be grabbed, and would push Altaïr away at every attempt.




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