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Modron was the high priestess of Glowecestrescire and mother of Gwenydd. She was a healer with a gift for prophecy, who worshipped the pagan gods of old.[1] She is also the leader of a druidic cult known as the Daughters of Nimue.[2]


Not much is known about Modron, except that she was part of Glowecestrescire for at least for twenty years, as long as Cynon's residency of the shire's ealdorman. Unknown to most, when Cynon became the ealdorman of the shire, Cynon was first smitten at the sight of Modron, despite the difference in their religions. With their roles as ealdorman and high priestess, Cynon and Modron often worked together within Glowecestre. With time, both Modron and Cynon became close with one another and understood each other. Within a matter of time, Modron asked Cynon to be part of a fertility ritual, which Cynon gladly accepted. From the ritual and their work together, Modron and Cynon had a girl, Gwenydd, and a union between pagans and Christians. From the last Wicker Man burning as well, Modron and Cynon took care of the previous ealdorman's daughter, Brigid, who became a big sister figure to Gwenydd.[2][3][4]

A Tale of Wicker-Fire

Around the time of Samhain festival, Cynon was to undergo his part as the sacrifice in the Wicker Man, with Tewdwr becoming his successor. However, due to Tewdwr's apparent disdain for pagans, Cynon and Modron both knew that his role as leader would prove to be the end of their work and threaten the safety of their daughter. Thus, Modron engineered a plan to take out Tewdwr and become the leader herself of the shire.[3]

In 876, when the Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan came to see Gunnar with his beloved, Brigid, Eivor joined in the festivities by masquerading as the Mari Lwyd and collecting cakes. From her trick-or-treating, Eivor noticed Modron recollecting a tale to children. After collecting all the cakes, Eivor had to find Gunnar, who got into an argument. The argument soon escalated to Eivor and Gunnar beating their opponent, but with Gunnar becoming injured. Modron appeared with Gwenydd and promised to aid Gunnar's injured leg. As Eivor thanked Modron, Gunnar asked Eivor to smooth things over with Tewdwr. However, after Eivor left, a series of unfortunate events happened that night.[5]

Modron offers her help to Gunnar and his gashed leg

Wanted for the apparent murder of Tewdwr, Eivor sought help and went to Modron for her aid. Talking to Modron, Eivor gave her Gwilim's pouch for her inspection. Modron stated that the contents were used to induce sleep, but knows nothing of who held it. However, Gwenydd added that a druid named Halewyn may be able to help, which Modron agreed as well. Modron advised Eivor to go and meet her later at Rollendritch. After she left and met with Halewyn, Eivor obtained that location of Gwilim's possible destination, "Cudd Lladron."[6]

File:ACV Modron, Gwenydd Eivor Advice.jpg

Modron and Gwenydd gave advice to Eivor

Discussing her information from Halewyn with Modron, Eivor was told that the location was the Welsh translation for the Thieves' Warren. Modron led Eivor to the path to the bandit stronghold but elaborated that she would be waiting outside the camp. As she entered into the bandit stronghold, Eivor found Tewdwr, rescued him, and brought him to Modron, due to his injuries. Unconscious, Tewdwr was laid in front of Modron, who tended and sought after his wounds.[2]

Eivor let Modron know that Gwilim indicated that Cynon was behind the attack and framing. Modron recalled to Eivor that Tewdwr and Cynon were similar once as God-fearing Christians. However, as she knew, Cynon came around to the pagans' presence in Glowecestre, due to their interactions. However, Modron lied to Eivor and stated Cynon wanted to keep his hold as ealdorman. Leaving Tewdwr with Modron, Eivor left to confront Cynon.[2]

Eivor brings an injured Tewdwr to Modron

After finding Cynon, Eivor confronted him and during their discussion, Cynon admitted that Modron concocted the attempted murder of Tewdwr, to protect her people and their daughter as well. However, after Eivor let Cynon know of Tewdwr's changed stance on the pagans, Cynon relented and disclosed Modron's location as to stop her sacrifice of Tewdwr. After deciding Cynon's fate, Eivor left to find Modron and save Tewdwr.[3]

Arriving in Aelfwood, Eivor probed the area and discovered an entrance to the Ochre Caves. Sleuthing past poisonous gases and Modron's soldiers, Eivor faintly heard Modron's voice and chanting. Finding Modron's lair, Eivor saw Modron preparing the final task of killing an unconscious Tewdwr. Before Modron could strike down Tewdwr, Eivor stopped her and threatened to kill her. After a brief argument, Modron challenged Eivor to a duel within her lair.[7]

Eivor defeats Modron in single combat

Despite her accustomed surroundings, Modron lost and was beaten by Eivor. However, Eivor told Modron that Tewdwr had renounced his initial remarks of pagans, but Modron was not convinced. Although it may be possible, Modron still stood by her actions, including bismirching Eivor's honor. Looking over all of what Modron had done, Eivor decided her fate and left with Tewdwr for the burning of the Wicker Man.[7]

Behind the scenes

  • Modron is a character appearing in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, where she is portrayed by Victoria Sanchez.
  • Modron is possibly an allusion to the Welsh folkloric figure of the same name, her name translating to "mother".
  • Modron can either be spared or killed by Eivor during "The Gutted Lamb."




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