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|type = Field mission
|type = Field mission
|next = [[The Stadium: MMA Night]]
|next = [[The Stadium: MMA Night]]
|ancestor = Desmond Miles
|location = [[New York City]], [[New York]], [[United States]]
|location = {{Wiki|Manhattan}}, [[New York City|New York]]
|date = 16 November 2012}}
|date = 16 November 2012}}
'''Modern Tower''' was the first field mission undertaken by [[Desmond Miles]] from the [[Grand Temple]], in 2012.
'''Modern Tower''' was the first field mission undertaken by [[Desmond Miles]] from the [[Grand Temple]], in 2012.

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Modern Tower was the first field mission undertaken by Desmond Miles from the Grand Temple, in 2012.


Shaun Hastings tracked down a power source for the Grand Temple. Upon learning of its location, he, Desmond, William and Rebecca Crane took their van into the city.


  • Radio Announcer: ...local utility companies have assured the public that they're completely prepared for the upcoming solar maximum. Disruptions to service are expected to be minimal...

Shaun turned the radio off.

AC3 Temple Van

The Assassins travelling to New York

  • Shaun: If only they knew...

Rebecca handed something to Desmond.

  • Desmond: What's this?
  • Rebecca: A remote-operated camera. It'll provide us with a feed while you're on mission. This will let us talk to each other.
  • William: We're almost there so listen up. The artifact is in an office penthouse in lower Manhattan. At this time of night direct infiltration is going to get you noticed. I think we're better off having you drop in from above.
  • Desmond: What do you mean, above?

William tossed Desmond a backpack with a parachute in it. Hours later, Desmond was in New York, getting out of a service elevator on the Freedom Tower of the World Trade Center. Tossing up the elevator grate, he tested his earpiece.

  • Desmond: Can you hear me? Testing. Testing. One. Two. Three.
  • Rebecca: Yup! Read you just fine. Now why don't you power up the camera...

Desmond turned on the camera, which flew out of Desmond's hand.

  • Rebecca: I've got picture. Running diagnostics. Perfect! I've got a nice, strong signal. Just a heads up – there's no elevator access from here on out. You'll have to get up there the old fashioned way.

Desmond made his way through the construction site. When he got to a sliding door, he slid under it and almost fell over the side. He found himself looking over Manhattan.

  • Shaun: Oh, that's a... Hold still. That's a lovely view!
  • Desmond: Seriously Shaun, fuck you.

Desmond continued to make his way up cranes and across hanging beams and power cables to the top.

AC3 Desmond Skyscrapper

Desmond navigating the Freedom Tower

  • Desmond: Jesus...
  • Rebecca: Look on the bright side – no security to worry about.
  • Shaun: And on the not-so-bright side, the slightest misstep means you're effectively... paste.
  • Rebecca: Shut up, Shaun.

Desmond kept climbing up until he finally reached the topmost floor, still under construction.

  • Rebecca: Almost there, Desmond. Once you reach the top of the lit-up crane, you should be high enough to make the jump.
  • Desmond: Should?
  • Rebecca: It'll be fine. Don't worry.
  • Shaun: Well – you might want to worry a little. I'm pretty sure she was high when she was running the numbers.
  • Rebecca: Shaun!
  • Shaun: A joke. It was a joke... Or was it?

Desmond free-ran his way to the top of the crane arm.

  • Rebecca: Jump when you're ready, but wait for my signal to open the chute. Timing's really important here. Too soon or too late and you'll miss the building.

Desmond made a Leap of Faith from the crane.

  • Rebecca: Now! Open your chute now.
    Come on! You're running out of time!

Desmond struggled momentarily to open his parachute, but eventually succeeded and glided down towards the building, landing on the helipad. Making his way inside, he reached the room with the power cube, which was sealed under glass. Desmond smashed the glass with his elbow and retrieved the cube.

  • Desmond: That wasn't so bad.

As Desmond turned to leave, he was surprised by a figure in the doorway: Daniel Cross.

AC3 Desmond Cross Skyscrapper

Daniel holding Desmond at gunpoint

  • Daniel: So you must be Desmond. Not exactly what I expected. But I guess your kind doesn't have many options these days.
  • Desmond: Who are you?
  • Daniel: Ask your father. Now give me that.
  • Desmond: I don't think so.
  • Daniel: Look – I'm not supposed to kill you, but the bossman didn't say anything about fucking you up. So you've got to the count of – Uh! Arg!

Desmond interrupted Daniel by twisting his arm and clobbering his jaw with the power cube. Unconscious, Daniel lay on the floor while Desmond fled.


Desmond retrieved the first power source and inserted it into the Grand Temple.



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