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Mochizuki Chiyome was an altered representation of one of Hattori Hanzō's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


First dialogue

  • Hattori: Kiyonobu!
  • Kiyonobu: Ah, if it isn't the feared and famous shinobi, Hattori Hanzō. To what do I owe the honor?
  • Hattori: I have come because I need information.
  • Kiyonobu: Yes, information! I just received a shipment of that this morning. Now, what shelf did I store it on...
  • Hattori: I have no time for your games, Kiyonobu.
  • Kiyonobu: Game? This game is my business, dear ninja. And whatever this humble merchant can provide shall be yours... so long as you ask nicely.
  • Hattori: I trust my coin purse is nice enough.
  • Kiyonobu: Ah ha! This is very nice, indeed! Yes, whatever it is you need, just ask.
  • Hattori: What can you tell me of the noblewoman Mochizuki Chiyome?
  • Kiyonobu: Certainly you mean the nobleman, Mochizuki Nobumasa, a lord of the Takeda. Wasn't he put down by Oda Nobunaga's rifles at Nagashino? Then again, so were myriad others...
  • Hattori: I meant what I said. While the husband was out playing war, the wife was at home raising an army of her own.
  • Kiyonobu: My, my, what a curious bit of information. I should be paying you!
  • Hattori: You should be telling me what you know so that I may end her life without having to end yours first.
  • Kiyonobu: Fine, fine. I have heard she seldom leaves her residence in Shinano, and I have also heard that her skill in the ninja arts rivals even those of the great Hattori Hanzō.
  • Hattori: We shall see about that.
  • Kiyonobu: Yes, though it hardly matters. She will know you are coming long before you arrive, and you will find yourself without a head the moment you enter the city.
  • Hattori: What do you mean?
  • Kiyonobu: Students of Chiyome are everywhere, but you will find none of them. They take on the guise of couriers, shrine maidens, prostitutes... not that I would know anything about that...
  • Hattori: Of course you wouldn't.
  • Kiyonobu: Her spies report everything they see, making her even more well informed than I, sadly. She almost assuredly knows you target her, and will be prepared.
  • Hattori: I know how to remain unseen.
  • Kiyonobu: I was simply offering a warning. I did not expect you to heed it.
  • Hattori: Very well. If word of this conversation leaves this room...
  • Kiyonobu: Yes, yes, confidentiality and anonymity and the like. Your wallet was fat enough to ensure that.
  • Hattori: Good. Then I take my leave.
  • Kiyonobu: And I bemoan the fact that our relation has come to an end, just when it was becoming profitable for me. Enjoy what little remains of your life, ninja.


  • Chiyome: You are brave but foolish, Hanzō. You could not have hoped to defeat me in my own home.
  • Hattori: And you are more cunning than I thought. I will not underestimate you next time.
  • Chiyome: What's this? A compliment? Careful, Hanzō. You might sour your reputation.


  • Chiyome: Well done. I'm impressed.
  • Hattori: You flatter me.
  • Chiyome: I knew you were coming, yet you still slipped past my watch.
  • Hattori: Perhaps your spies needed more training.
  • Chiyome: Perhaps. But look what you have done to the one who trains them.
  • Hattori: That was the point.
  • Chiyome: And what follows? Who will take care of these girls now? You've sent them all back to the streets, the gutters, the brothels...
  • Hattori: So you admit you have not taught them how to survive on their own.
  • Chiyome: You say that as if you could live without your master.
  • Hattori: That was at least my decision.
  • Chiyome: Ah! The illusion of free choice, a magnificent tool for control, is it not?
  • Hattori: You can see illusions if you choose to. I prefer to simply look at what is in front of me.
  • Chiyome: I grow tired of your righteous prattle. Go. Leave. Let me die in peace.
  • Hattori: Very well.


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