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Mister Walpole, I Presume? was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward, still posing as Duncan Walpole, met with Governor Torres and his associates, hoping to claim his reward.


Edward walked up to the gate of the governor's mansion.

  • Edward: (Good Morning!) Mister Duncan Walpole of England to see the Governor, I believe he is expecting me.
  • Guard: (Yes, Mister Walpole, Please enter.)
  • Soldier 1: (Is that the man? The... what do they call him, Assassin?)
  • Soldier 2: (Yes. Duncan Walpole. He should have been here many days ago.)
  • Soldier 1: (I don't like these foreigners strolling about the city. I don't trust them.)
  • Soldier 2: (Hold your tongue, man. The governor has guests! From France and England alike!)
  • Soldier 1: (He's a rough looking man. I assumed he might look... respectable.)
  • Soldier 2: (The man's been at sea for months. Be easy on him.)

Edward met two men on the terrace.

Mister Walpole I Presume 2

Woodes Rogers introducing himself to Edward

  • Woodes: Good morning, Sir! Would I be correct in thinking you are Duncan Walpole?
  • Edward: I am indeed.
  • Woodes: I thought as much. Woodes Rogers. A pleasure.
  • Edward: The same.
  • Woodes: I must say, my wife has a terrible eye for description.
  • Edward: I'm sorry?
  • Woodes: My wife. You met her some years ago at the Percys' masquerade ball.
  • Edward: Ah! Quite...
  • Woodes: She called you 'devilishly handsome'. Obviously a lie to stoke my jealousy. Julien! Our guest of honour has arrived, Mister Duncan Walpole.
  • Julien: Ah... Julien du Casse. I hope your conversion to our Order is an honest one. I have no love for Assassins, but even less for liars.
  • Edward: I have not come to disappoint.
  • Woodes: Up for a bit of sport, Duncan? The old man isn't ready just yet. You've got my two best pairs of matched pistols, Duncan, so handle with care.
  • Edward: If I had eight, I'd treat each as my own son.
  • Woodes: Pull off a few shots, if you like. Get a feel for it.
  • Julien: I once fought beside a man who carried nine on his person. They were a boon in battle but hindered his ability to swim, sadly.
  • Woodes: Quite. Has a good kick, yes?
  • Julien: I long for the day where one firearm carries four bullets, and not the opposite.
  • Woodes: I have a friend in England you may like to meet, Julien. James Puckle... he's working on something extraordinary.
  • Julien: (Wonderful!)
  • Woodes: Enough amusements, Duncan. How about a true challenge? All right. Here's a simple challenge. Try to strike every target before this hourglass empties. Remember, hit every target within the allotted time.

Edward beat Woodes' shooting challenge.

Mister Walpole I Presume 5

Julien giving Edward new Hidden Blades

  • Julien: Duncan. Where are your wrist blades? I have never seen an Assassin so ill equipped.
  • Edward: Ah. Damaged, sadly. Beyond all repair.
  • Julien: Hm. Have your choice.

Julien presented Edward with a chest filled with Hidden Blades.

  • Edward: Where did you find all these?
  • Julien: I did not find them. I took them. These are souvenirs.

Edward followed Rogers and Du Casse.

  • Julien: Two blades, as is the custom, (yes)?
  • Edward: Custom, aye.
  • Julien: Duncan, would you indulge us with a demonstration of your techniques?
  • Edward: Well I, uh...
  • Woodes: You must! We put together a training course in anticipation of your arrival. It would be a shame to leave here without seeing you in action.
  • Edward: Yes, of course... I mean if there is time I would gladly, uh... show you what I know.
  • Woodes: Here, you see... Situations suited for your skills. Have a go!
  • Julien: A blade in a crowd is always the simplest. Nothing grandiose. Just quick and clean.
  • Woodes: Show us another technique!
  • Julien: Quite ingenious to use bales of hay as cover, don't you think?
  • Woodes: God! That's the spirit! Secrecy. The advantage of surprise cannot be overstated, isn't that so? Especially around a blind corner. God blind me, that's a clever trick.
  • Julien: Your aerial kills have a poetic beauty, despite their conspicuous quality. Would you show us? (Magnificent!) Is it also possible to deliver a killing blow at high speed? (My God) Such a powerful strike!
  • Woodes: Fascinating.
  • Julien: The Assassins have trained you well, Duncan. You chose a perfect time to leave them behind.
  • Woodes: At great risk, I imagine. Betraying the Assassins is never good for one's health.
  • Edward: Well, neither is drinking liquor, but I am drawn to its dangers all the same. And what is your business here, Sir? Are you an associate of the governor's? Or a pending acquaintance like myself?
  • Julien: Guns, blades, cannons, grenadoes... Anything that may kill a man, I am happy to provide.
  • Woodes: A smuggler of sorts.
  • Edward: And how is your wife these days, captain Rogers? Is she, ah, here in Havana?
  • Woodes: I trust she's well. But I wouldn't know. I have been in Madagascar some fourteen months, hunting pirates. It took some work to dislodge the criminals there, but we managed it. In future, I hope to use these same tactics throughout the West Indies.
  • Edward: And how did you deal with their kind?
  • Woodes: Very simply. Most pirates are as ignorant as apes. I merely offered them a choice... Take a pardon and return to England penniless but free men, or be hanged by the neck until dead.
  • Edward: Ah, I imagine Nassau would be your next target?
  • Woodes: Very astute, Duncan. Indeed.
  • Edward: Best of luck with that.
Mister Walpole I Presume 6

Edward giving the blood vial to Torres

  • Woodes: Grand Master Torres. Mister Duncan Walpole has arrived.
  • Torres: (Indeed...) You were expected one week ago.
  • Edward: Apologies, governor. My ship was set upon by pirates. We were scuttled. I arrived only yesterday.
  • Torres: Unfortunate. Forgive my caution, but were you able to salvage from these pirates the items you promised me?
  • Edward: Ah, yes Sir, I was.

Edward presented Torres with the maps and the blood vial.

  • Torres: (Incredible.) The Assassins have more resources than I had imagined but... not nearly enough to deter us. It is a pleasure to meet you at last, Duncan. You are most welcome. Come gentlemen. We have much to discuss.

The men entered the mansion and continued their conversation.

  • Torres: Convened at last. And in such continental company... England, France, Spain... Citizens of sad and corrupt empires. But you are Templars now. The secret and true legislators of the world. Please, hold out your hands. Mark and remember our purpose. To guide all wayward souls 'til they reach a quiet road. To guide all wayward desire 'til impassioned hearts are cooled. To guide all wayward minds to safe and sober thought. By the Father of Understanding's Light, let our work now begin. Decades ago, the Counsel entrusted me with the task of locating in these West Indies a forgotten place our precursors once called the Observatory. See here... Look upon these images and commit them to memory. They tell a very old and important story. For two decades now I have endeavored to locate this Observatory... a place rumoured to contain a tool of incredible utility and power. It houses a kind of armillary sphere, if you like. A device that would grant us the power to locate and monitor EVERY man and woman on Earth, whatever their location. Only imagine what it would mean to have such a power. With this device, there would be no secrets among men. No lies. No trickery. Only justice. Pure justice. This is the Observatory's promise. And we must take it for our own.
  • Woodes: Do we know its whereabouts?
  • Torres: We will soon. For in our custody is the one man who does. A man named Roberts, once called a Sage.
  • Julien: It has been forty-five years since anyone has seen a true Sage. Can you be sure this one is authentic?
  • Torres: We are confident he is.
Mister Walpole I Presume 11

Edward and the Templars toasting their scheme

  • Woodes: The Assassins will come for him.
  • Torres: Indeed they will. But... thanks to Duncan and the information he has delivered, the Assassins won't be a problem for much longer. All will be made clear tomorrow, gentlemen, when you meet the sage for yourselves. Until then... let us drink. Let us find the Observatory together. For with its power, kings will fall, clergy will cower, and hearts and minds of the world will be ours.

The men drank together.

  • Torres: Rest well, Duncan. Tomorrow the Treasure Fleet arrives, and with it your reward. After which, we will discuss further schemes.
  • Edward: I look forward to it.
  • Torres: (Excellent!) Meet me down at the docks, first thing tomorrow morning.

Edward left the governor's mansion.

  • Guard: Governor Torres requests your presence at the docks near the Castillo, first thing tomorrow morning.


Edward learned of the existence of the Templar Order and a new appointment with the governor was made.


  • The title of the memory is a reference to the explorer Henry Morton Stanley, famed for reportedly asking, "Dr Livingstone, I presume?", upon meeting fellow explorer David Livingstone.
  • If the memory was replayed, Edward would already have Hidden Blades equipped on his wrists.
  • In the novelization, Edward, while disguised as Duncan Walpole, is offended when Rogers does not think of him as 'devilishly handsome' as Rogers' wife had said of Walpole.



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