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Mistaken Identity was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra was asked by a spy for Athens to help her husband.


Kassandra noticed a job posted on a message board.

  • Note:
    The priestess Io did Zeus pursue. As a cloud his love was true.
  • Kassandra: I've been looking for you... I saw your message. What's happened?
  • Woman: My husband has been captured by bandits. They think he is a spy, and those malákes know the Spartans will reward them for his capture.
  • Kassandra: Being a spy is dangerous work.
  • Woman: It is but he's not even a spy! It was me. I can't let this happen, misthios.

  • Kassandra: You want me to rescue him.
  • Woman: No. All the bandits must die.

(Accept - I'll hunt the outlaws.)

  • Kassandra: I'll take care of it.
  • Woman: Perfect. Time is of the essence.
  • Kassandra: I'll be back when everything's taken care of.

Kassandra left the woman, sought out the bandit camp and killed the bandits within before returning to the spy.

  • Woman: You're back. Have you killed them?
  • Kassandra: I took care of them. Every last one.
  • Woman: Thank you for all you've done. Please, take this.
  • Kassandra: All in a day's work.


Kassandra helped the spy.


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