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The title of this article is conjecture. Although the subject of this article is canon, no official name for it has been given.

In October 2017, Simon Hathaway sent Layla Hassan and Deanna Geary to Egypt on a mission to retrieve an artifact of great value. However, after Layla refused to maintain contact with Abstergo Sigma Team was sent in to eliminate them both. Only Deanna was killed, while Layla fought off her attackers and defected to the Assassins.


Since November 2016, Layla Hassan had been urging her superior Simon Hathaway for a bigger assignment. Asking for more field work and "Person of Interest" assignments.[1] By December, Layla had gotten behind on submitting operation reports. Hathaway threatened her with filing a formal complaint to operations, meaning additional training.[2] Then in October of 2017, Layla got her wish for another high interest field work assignment. Taking her colleague friend Deanna Geary and her portable Animus HR-8, the duo traveled to Egypt.[3]

The mission

"No don't... Please..."
―Deanna Gray's final words before being killed[src]

While Deanna stayed in a hotel room nearby, Layla hired a jeep and drove to the Hotep Cavern. While there, she needed to change the jeep's tires but only managed to take off the wheel and nothing else. She then set up camp and took her equipment inside the cavern. After providing enough light to the area, Layla began her search for the artifact. Instead she found the mummified body of Bayek, and wanting to prove her worth to the Animus Project took a sample of his DNA and ran it into her Animus. After the DNA was sequenced, Layla relived Bayek's memories for the first time. After voluntarily desynchronizing, Deanna made contact with her urging her to refill on cyclosporine. After taking a short break and refilling on cyclosporine, Layla re-entered the Animus.[4]

Layla finding Aya's mummy.

After meeting Aya via Bayek's memories, Layla looked for her sarcophagus in the cavern. After performing a Leap of Faith, Layla found where her sarcophagus has fallen. After taking a DNA sample with Aya's Hidden Blade, she returned to the Animus to sequence it immediately and tried accessing it. However, it wasn't finished sequencing and caused Layla minor cognitive disruption. In the meantime she continued to search through Bayek's memories.[4]

However, the third time she awoke from the Animus was different. Deanna was screaming at her to wake up. Sigma Team were at her hotel and about to launch a siege, suddenly there was a massive explosion. Sigma Team had also arrived at Hotep Cavern for Layla. After taping Aya's Hidden Blade to her wrist, Layla dealt with Sigma Team using the skills she gained from the Bleeding Effect. Trying to contact Deanna again, Layla was met with silence leading her to think the worst.[4] She was killed by Sigma leader Juhani Otso Berg.[5]


Following the mission, the Mentor of the Assassins, William Miles found Layla in the cavern. After threatening the stranger with her Hidden Blade, Layla agreed to hear him out. Explaining that Abstergo would never stop seeking her, Miles suggested she join the Assassins. Layla agreed to go with Miles but refused to join his order,[4] a decision she would rethink nearly a year later.[6]