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Missing Supplies was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


While trying to find Benjamin Church, who had stolen supplies from the Continental Army, Connor encountered Haytham Kenway. Instead of fighting, they decided to work together to track Benjamin down.


  • Connor: Winter approaches. The air is still and sharp with grim expectation. The others sense it too, and go about their work with uncommon urgency. I would like to help them, but more pressing matters now demand my attention. The Templars have targeted George Washington directly—and will not rest until he is dead. I had hoped to shield him from this knowledge, but Thomas Hickey ended any hope I had of staying silent. And so I have resolved to share everything I know—of the Templars and their plots—of who I really am. Achilles finds fault in this, and we argue every day. But there is simply too much now at stake to maintain restraint.
ACIII-Missingsupplies 1

Connor arguing with Achilles

Connor left the Davenport Manor.

  • Achilles: Don't do this, Connor!
  • Connor: Then what would you propose we do? Sit and watch while the Templars take control? We are sworn to stop them. Or have you forgotten?
  • Achilles: Assassins are meant to be quiet. Precise. We do not go announcing conspiracies from the rooftops to all who pass by.
  • Connor: Who are you to lecture anyone? You locked yourself away in this crumbling heap and gave up on the Brotherhood entirely. Since the day I arrived, you've done nothing but discourage me. And on the rare occasions you've chosen to help you've done so little, you may as well have done nothing at all.
  • Achilles: How dare you!
  • Connor: Then tell me. On whose watch did the brotherhood falter? Whose inaction allowed the Templar Order to grow so large that it now controls an entire nation!
  • Achilles: If I sought to dissuade you, it was because you knew nothing! If I was reluctant to contribute, it was because you were naive. A thousand times you would have died and take God knows how many with you. Let me tell you something, Connor: Life is not a fairy tale and there are no happy endings.
  • Connor: No. Not when men like you are left in charge.
  • Achilles: In your haste to save the world, boy—take care you don't destroy it!
Missing Supplies 1

Connor and Washington in the camp

Connor rode to the encampment at Valley Forge.

  • Connor: Commander.
  • Washington: Connor.
  • Connor: Any word on Lee?
  • Washington: Not yet. My apologies, I've been distracted. Supply caravans meant for the camp have gone missing. I suspect treachery. A traitor named Benjamin Church, recently released from prison, has vanished as well. The two events are surely related.
  • Connor: What was his crime?
  • Washington: He was caught sending letters to the Loyalists detailing our troop strength. He claimed it was a scare tactic, that we might avoid war. A poor lie.
  • Connor: I will find Church for you.
  • Washington: Why? What reason have you to help?
  • Connor: Does it matter?
  • Washington: As you wish. We've received reports of trouble along the southern road. Might be he's responsible. I suggest you begin your search there.

Connor then went to scout the southern road, ending up in an old church. As he entered, Haytham Kenway jumped onto him from above.

Missing Supplies 2

Haytham ambushing Connor in the old church

  • Connor: Father.
  • Haytham: Connor. Any last words?
  • Connor: Wait.
  • Haytham: A poor choice.

Connor wrestled free.

  • Connor: Come to check up on Church? Make sure he'd stolen enough for your British brothers?
  • Haytham: Benjamin Church is no brother of mine. No more than the Redcoats or their idiot king. I expected naiveté. But this... The Templars do not fight for the crown. We seek the same as you, boy! Freedom. Justice. Independence.
  • Connor: But...
  • Haytham: Hmmm! But what?
  • Connor: Johnson. Pitcairn. Hickey. They sought to steal land. To sack towns. To murder George Washington.
  • Haytham: Johnson sought to own the land that we might keep it safe. Pitcairn aimed to encourage diplomacy—which you cocked up thoroughly enough to start a god-damned war! And Hickey? George Washington is a wretched leader. He's lost nearly every battle in which he's taken part. The man's wracked with uncertainty and insecurity. Only look at Valley Forge to know my words are true. We're all be better off without him. Look, much as I'd love to spar with you, Benjamin Church's mouth is as big as his ego. You clearly want the supplies he's stolen, I want him punished. Our interests are aligned.
Missing Supplies 3

Haytham proposing a truce

  • Connor: What do you propose?
  • Haytham: A truce. Perhaps... perhaps some time together might do us good. You are my son, after all, and might still be saved from your ignorance. I can kill you now if you'd prefer? Excellent! Shall we be off?
  • Connor: Do you even know where Benjamin Church has gone?
  • Haytham: I'm afraid not. I'd hoped to ambush him when he or one of his men returned here. It seems I'm too late. They've come and cleared the place out.
  • Connor: I may be able to track him.

Connor then analyzed his surroundings.

  • Connor: There were rations inside the crates. Medical supplies and clothing as well.
    Snow has obscured the tracks, but enough remains that we can still follow.

Connor then found a cart.

  • Driver: Just my luck... Going to freeze to death if I don't get this fixed...
  • Connor: Are you Ben Church's man?

The cart driver ran off.

  • Haytham: Well played.

Connor chased the man and tackled him.

Missing Supplies 6

Haytham killing the cart driver

  • Connor: It was not wise to run.
  • Driver: W-what do you want?
  • Connor: Where is Benjamin Church?
  • Driver: I don't know! We was riding for a camp just north of here. It's where we normally unload the cargo. Maybe you'll find him th—

Haytham shot the man.

  • Haytham: Enough of that.
  • Connor: You did not have to kill him.
  • Haytham: Let's not waste time with all this pointless banter. Go catch up with the rest of Church's men. Infiltrate that camp of theirs and see what you can discover.
  • Connor: What about you?
  • Haytham: Never you mind. Just do as I ask.

Connor and Haytham then went their own ways. Connor caught up to the convoy and infiltrated the camp.

  • Driver: Was a good haul today. Saw a bit of gunpowder in those crates. We'll get extra for that.
  • Man: Aye. Church'll be pleased and we'll be rich.
Missing Supplies 7

Connor following Church's men

  • Driver: I almost feel sorry for the Yanks, shiverin' and starvin' out there. It's a hard way to go.
  • Man: All they need to do is raise the white flag.
  • Driver: They shoulda done that a long time ago. All this fighting serves no purpose. The Crown's sure to win in the end. To waste all these lives chasing a fool notion... Breaks my heart, it does.
  • Driver: Alright, looks to be in order.
  • Man: Go and see the foreman. There's another run planned for tonight. I'll go bring the wagon and meet up with you later.
  • Driver: Oi! Where's the foreman?
  • Man: Center of camp, near the tree. Can't miss him.
  • Driver: Thank you kindly.
  • Man: Won't be thanking me when you hear what he's got planned...
  • Rotting Tooth: About time you showed up! Listen here. Boss wants us to try something new tonight. A raid. No more convoys. We're to steal from the Yank camp itself.
  • Driver: Valley Forge?
  • Rotting Tooth: That's right.
  • Driver: You sure about this?
  • Rotting Tooth: It's not my business to be sure or not sure! I just do as Church asks. If you're so concerned, take it up with him.
  • Driver: Is he here?
  • Rotting Tooth: Course not. Hiding in New York the last I heard, trying to keep a low profile—what on account of him not wanting to go back to jail and all.
  • Driver: Alright. I'm in.
  • Rotting Tooth: Course you are.
Missing Supplies 8

Haytham captured by the mercenaries

Connor then oversaw two men taking Haytham in.

  • Man: Look what we found!
  • Man: He was creepin' round the camp all suspicious-like.
  • Man: Must be a Yank spy!
  • Rotting Tooth: No. He's something else. Something special. Isn't that right, Haytham? Church told me ALL about you.
  • Haytham: Then you should know better than this.
  • Rotting Tooth: You're not really in a position to be makin' threats are ya?
  • Haytham: Not yet.

Connor went to help his father, killing the thugs.

  • Haytham: Once you've dealt with these louts, meet me in New York.
  • Connor: What? You mean to just leave? Now?
  • Haytham: If you can't handle a couple of mercenaries then we've really no business working together.
  • Connor: Unbelievable.


Connor decided to work alongside Haytham and track Benjamin Church. They gained information that lead them to New York.


  • Despite the optional objective of not hiding in the hay cart while tailing the convoy, Connor is depicted as being in the wagon once the checkpoint is reached.
  • Although Connor's outfit colour always changes to the default dye during cutscenes, the cinematic where Haytham spots Connor hiding in the bushes has Connor's outfit with the dye equipped by the player earlier on.



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