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"Keep your voice down. You know nothing of my motives."
―Mirela to a Romani confronting her, 1511.[src]

Mirela Djuric (died 1511) was a Romani who was known as a canny thief and fortune teller, and was the Templars' link to a vast underground network of criminal activity. In 2012, her genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar by the Templar company Abstergo Industries, for the training of their Animus recruits, under the title of the Trickster.


Romani confrontation

"A heated conflict is brewing between two factions of Romanies. One group has banded together against a woman they call Mirela, accusing her of swindling the poor on dozens of occasions."
―The Apprentice informing Ezio of Mirela's misdeeds, 1511.[src]-[m]

After her actions of swindling the poor out of their money, many of her fellow Romani complained and attempted to remove her. These actions soon caught the attention of an Apprentice of the Assassin Mentor Ezio Auditore da Firenze, who immediately informed him as soon as they were appointed as den leader of the Constantine North District.[1]

The Apprentice then asked Ezio to escort a group of Romani to Mirela and protect them along the way, but despite there being many hitmen that Mirela had sent, Ezio made sure to kill them all.[1]

When they had arrived, Mirela was already having a conversation with other Romani, who chastised her for being a trickster and a charlatan. After a futile attempt to calm her, Mirela responded by poisoning her and framing the murder to appear like the Romani group Ezio had escorted were responsible.[1]

While Ezio stopped the nearby guards from killing the Romani group by disarming them, his Apprentice ran after Mirela in the hope of assassinating her, to no avail.[1]


"So dies another wretched Romani, is that what you are thinking, Assassin? Maybe your heart is filled with pity for me? Then leave me be, for I despise such charity. I took what was owed me, in spite of oppression, of hatred, of ignorance. I lived my own way, for myself..."
―Mirela's last words, 1511.[src]-[m]

Mirela's final moments

Following her attack on the Romani, Mirela had other plans, as she was spotted buying herbs and spices. One of the ingredients was datura, a plant from which a deadly poison could be extracted.[2]

Ezio's Apprentice informed him of her presence, and, familiar with datura, as the Assassins used it themselves in bombs, Ezio used his Eagle Sense to track her down. Noticing recent scent vapors from the plant, he instructed his Apprentice to stay put as he tracked her down on his own.[2]

After a while of following the datura trail, Ezio came across her, and she immediately threw a thunder bomb towards him once she spotted him. While he was momentarily stunned, Mirela ran away through the streets. However, as she ran into his Apprentice, who held her in place despite her struggling, it gave Ezio time to catch up and poison her, providing her with an ironic death.[2]


  • Used in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Croatia, the name Mirela is a variant of Mireille, itself ultimately derived from the Occitan word mirar, "to admire". Djuric (Đurić, Ђурић) is a common Serbian surname, the meaning of which can be traced back to the Greek word georgos, γεωργός, which means "farmer, earthworker".