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Minotour de Force was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


In the town of Lato, Kassandra's attention was drawn by the exclamations of Leiandros, promising glory, honour and drachmae to whoever managed to slay the Minotaur.


In Lato, Kassandra spotted a group of townsfolk crowding around Leiandros.

  • Leiandros: Who among you is afraid?!
    Who among you is frail or weak?!
    Who among you... IS STRONG?!
    Then I say prove yourselves! Come face-to-face with He of the Blood-Soaked Hooves! He of the Entrail-Splattered Horns! You know his name, you know his roar! The Beast, the Myth... THE MINOTAAAAAUR!!!
    Maximum of three members per Minotaur hunting party; purchase of Minotaur-themed merchandise
    is mandatory before proceeding; no legendary warriors, pregnant heroes, or legitimate gods (demi, semi, or otherwise) are eligible to fight the Minotaur; and no pushing—you'll all get a chance at dismemberment.

Kassandra approached Leiandros.

  • Leiandros: Ah, a mighty specimen approaches! Are you ready for honor? For glory?! For certain death?!
  • Kassandra: I'm ready for two-thirds of that.
  • Leiandros: Then you seek combat with... THE MINOTAUR!

  • Kassandra: The Minotaur's already dead, by my hand.
  • Leiandros: You killed the Minotaur?!

The man laughed.

  • Leiandros: I'm sorry my friend, you're very mistaken! Some scam artist fooled you with flame-lit corridors and flimsy costumes! The 100% genuine and completely real Minotaur lives here! And, uh, you better believe it!

  • Kassandra: No self-respecting Minotaur would live in Lato.
  • Leiandros: He does.
  • Kassandra: Here?
  • Leiandros: Yes.
  • Kassandra: ... In Lato?
  • Leiandros: Yes.
  • Kassandra: This Lato?
  • Leiandros: I assure you, the beast lives here, and he wants nothing more than a wealthy - uh, a worthy opponent to battle.

  • Kassandra: I can't see any labyrinths or golden balls of string... but, if there's a Minotaur to be fought, I'm listening.
  • Leiandros: Then listen well, my observant friend!

  • Leiandros: If you slay the Minotaur, you would be Theseus reborn!
    And you'd get to take home the
    Prize of Pephka!

(Accept – I'll kill your Minotaur.)

  • Kassandra: Your Minotaur must die.
  • Leiandros: Sounds like we have... another contender!

The crowd cheered as Leiandros sold the scene to them.

  • Leiandros: It's time for the Trials of the Minotaur.. Pre-Trials.

(If players choose ""Pre-Trials"?!")

  • Kassandra: ... Did you just say Minotaur "Pre-Trials"?
  • Leiandros: To face the Minotaur, you must first prove yourself worthy by completing three heroic trials.
    We can't let people fresh off of the triremes casually stroll to their deaths!
    Pephka policy.
    • (If players choose "What are these "Pre-Trials"?)
    • Kassandra: What do these Pre-Trials require me to do, exactly?
    • Leiandros: There's the Trial of Strength, where you fight the greatest warrior in all of Krete. The Trial of Accuracy, which only a keen eye can overcome! And the Trial of Endurance, where you must brave...
      The water!
    • Kassandra: One of your Trials is swimming?! That's—this is a scheme to fleece me.
    • Leiandros: Misthios, I—that's—how could you even think such a thing?
      You're a terrible person.

(If players choose "What is the "The Prize of Pephka"?")

  • Kassandra: What exactly is the "Prize of Pephka"?
  • Leiandros: Why, it's limitless riches of course! Warriors defeated by the Minotaur no longer need their drachmae, so we collect their coins into a grand prize that only a champion who kills the beast may claim.
  • Kassandra: Your grand prize is drachmae looted from the dead?!
  • Leiandros: Misthios, please believe me, many of those coins go straight to the Lato School for Children Whose Parents Were Tragically Killed By the Minotaur!
  • Kassandra: I see.

(If players choose "What exactly is the Minotaur?")

  • Kassandra: Tell me about your "Minotaur."
  • Leiandros: Part man, part beast, all monster. His horns are as sharp as blades, and his blades are as sharp as... horns? Wait, no, I always mess that up—
  • Kassandra: A vivid portrait. You must have seen him personally.
  • Leiandros: Many times. And I'll tell you this much—no one's ever returned from where he dwells.

(If players choose "What does the name "Melite" mean to you?")

  • Kassandra: How would you react if I said the name... "Melite"?
  • Leiandros: Uh, Melite? Well, I—No. I've not heard of them. It's a strange name, one I'd remember.

(I'm ready.)

  • Kassandra: I'll do your Trials—
  • Leiandros: Pre-Trials!
  • Kassandra: —I'll do your Pre-Trials, but then the Minotaur's head is mine.
  • Leiandros: Fantastic! Don't forget to collect Tokens of Success from the Trial Masters to prove your victories.

A woman interrupted the conversation, walking to them.

  • Kore: Ugh, another "champion," here to save us all from Pephka's long queues and overpriced Minotaur merchandise.
  • Leiandros: Ah, may I introduce my wife, Kore! A rare beauty, and so—
    So loud, in front of my new friend.
  • Kore: Please, Leiandros—there are more important things than glory.

  • Kassandra: Nothing stands in the way of glory. Statues aren't carved to honor the insignificant.
  • Kore: And what about my daughter? Is she insignificant, "hero"?

  • Kassandra: Not everyone with a sword seeks glory. Family comes before all else.
  • Kore: Exactly, misthios. That's what I keep telling this cowardly slime in the shape of my husband.
  • Leiandros: ..Hey!
  • Kore: It's—it's our daughter.

  • Kassandra: Your daughter?
  • Kore: Amara. She ran off days ago.
  • Leiandros: I'm sure she's—she's just fine!
    Don't worry about Amara—not when there's a Minotaur to slay!
    "GRR!" "Slash-slash!" Big fight! Lots of blood! Think of the fame,
    misthios! Think of winning the Prize of Pephka!

Leiandros leaned forward, whispering to Kassandra.

  • Leiandros: Please trust me, champion—nothing is what it seems in Pepha. Solving one problem may just solve all the others...

Leiandros stepped backwards and raised his voice again.

  • Leiandros: Go, my legendary friend! The Pre-Trials of the Minotaur await!

Kassandra departed to complete the trials mentioned by Leiandros. In doing so, she collected all the three tokens to prove her success.


Kassandra met Leiandros, agreeing to participate in the "pre-trials" before facing the Minotaur. She obtained all three tokens as proof of her success.


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