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A view of the Minoan ruins on Thera

The Minoan Ruins are the remains of a Minoan settlement located on the island of Thera, Greece.


Settled by Minoans, the village was built upon the ruins of a far older civilization. Eventually, the settlement was apparently destroyed in a monstrous volcanic eruption at some point.[1]

Centuries later, Pythagoras made his way to the island, and researched the ruins, finding his way into the ruins below the settlement. Pythagoras kept notes, but abandoned them within the Minoan ruins as he entered the Gateway.[2] During the Peloponnesian War years later, the Spartan misthios Kassandra explored the ruins at the suggestion of her mother Myrrine, and found Pythagoras' notes. With their help, she was able to open the door into the Isu location below by using sunlight and mirrors.[2]



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