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Milo van der Graaff, self-proclaimed "Honest Businessman and Friend", was a Dutch naval trader of dubious legality, who operated in the West Indies in the early 18th century.

During this time, Milo contracted out work for the pirate Edward Kenway in a variety of manners, including sinking or capturing British[1] and Spanish naval warships,[2] as well as pirate hunters,[3] murdering particular individuals,[4] and assisting his own trading fleet.[5] Eventually, both the Spanish and the British declared him a wanted man, forcing him to leave the West Indies.[6]

Kenway assisted him one final time, escorting him through four enemy fleets to safety. For all of his efforts, van der Graaff rewarded Kenway with a set of extremely powerful Golden Flintlock Pistols, which he kept as his personal firearms.[6]


  • Milo is related to the name Miles, which is Latin word for "soldier"; it has also, however, been suggested to be a derivation of Slavic mil, meaning "grace, gracious." His surname is composed of the Dutch words van, der, and Graaf, meaning "from, of", "the", and "count".
  • Despite their similar names, Milo's relation to the Dutch merchant Jan van der Graff - if any exists - is unknown.