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Milo of Croton was an athlete living in Croton during the 6th century BCE, and a disciple of both Kyros of Zarax and Pythagoras.


Shortly after the famous athlete Kyros' arrival in Croton, Milo sought him out and asked him to be trained. Kyros had won all four festivals twice, making him an almost legendary athlete, and he accepted Milo as his trainee. Also, since Kyros was a disciple of Pythagoras, Milo began studying his teachings as well.[1]

The next year, Milo participated in the tournament of four festivals and ended up in first place. To this, Kyros had mixed feelings upon being beaten by his own student, but a small party was held to honor Milo. No one, except for Alcmaeon, drank more than one cup of wine, and Alcmaeon left the party after losing control of his actions.[1]

Milo and Kyros holding the broken column

Not too long after this party, Milo and Myia married each other and attended a banquet that was organized by the Council of Citizens, in honor of Pythagoras. However, the banquet turned to disaster when someone sabotaged one of the building's columns, causing the roof to come crashing down, crushing one servant. In response, Milo and Kyros worked together to keep the roof in place, allowing the other attendants to escape the building safely.[1]

When Kyros and Pythagoras arrived at Milo's house, followed by an angry mob, Milo immediately prepared to defend them. The mob then set the house on fire, and Milo and his loyal followers went outside to confront them, sacrificing himself to allow Kyros and Pythagoras to escape through a secret passage.[1]

Personality and characteristics

Milo was very loyal to those he deemed worthy, such as Kyros and Pythagoras. He even went as far as to sacrifice his own life to save both of his masters, confronting a mob that he could not possibly defeat. Accompanying this, Milo was also quick to fight any injustice when he came across it.[1]

Milo was a very tall and muscular young man, which stemmed from him being an athlete. He always kept his body in good physical shape, and even at an older age, he was still one of the greatest athletes of Croton. He had short black hair and a full beard and moustache.[1]