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ACIII-TheInn 6

The Mile's End

The Mile's End was an inn and tavern established in the Davenport Homestead during the American Revolutionary War. It was funded by the Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, who had decided the residents of the community could benefit from the services offered by the inn's keepers, a married couple named Oliver and Corrine


Connor first met Oliver and Corrine while the two had stopped along the side of the road, selling ale and ciders to the residents of the Homestead. Explaining their situation to Connor, Oliver remarked that they would have liked to open a new inn, prompting the Assassin to fund the construction of the building at the cost of a thousand pounds. 

When completed, the inn stood at the crossroads of the community, along with a tavern, stables, well, fire pit, and winepress. Oliver and Corrine could often be found working outside. 

The adjoining tavern subsequently became a popular spot to relax and socialize, both for the Homestead's many workers and the increasing amount of travelers that passed through the community, as well as the steady stream of sailors that arrived at the Homestead's port. It was in the tavern that Father Timothy first met the residents of the Homestead, eventually becoming their pastor after Connor funded the building of a church nearby. It was also possible to play Nine Men's Morris against Oliver at one of the tables. 

Later, the Mile's End hosted the reception of Norris and Myriam's wedding, a scene of great celebration. During the festivities, the seamstress Ellen unveiled her flag for the community, giving one to Connor as thanks for his help in fostering the many residents.