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PL Truth SeekerHQ They call me many things: Murderer. Cutthroat. Thief. But you may call me Miko.

This article is about a subject that lacks an official name and is known only by its nickname, title, or alias.

"You have not encountered cunning or danger until you have faced a British Templar. I dread the day that I might face Kenway myself, and I implore you to heed my call for caution."
―Miko in a letter to Achilles Davenport, 1751.[src]

"Miko" (died 1754) was the alias of the leader of the British Brotherhood of Assassins alongside Edward Kenway during the early-to-mid 18th century. He was also the holder of the Grand Temple Key, an Isu artifact which was sought by the British Templars.

In 1754, Miko was assassinated by Edward's son, the Templar Haytham Kenway, who claimed the key for his Order. This left the British Assassins leaderless and started a long period of decline for the Brotherhood in England that lasted over a century.


Working with Edward[]

Not much is known about his life other than he was simply known as 'Miko' and was described as a 'free spirit'. At some point in the early 18th century, he became a member of the British Assassins based in London.[1]

In 1723, Miko met Edward Kenway, a pirate-turned-Assassin, shortly after the latter's arrival from the West Indies, whereupon he introduced him to the British Brotherhood. Together, the two rose to become co-leaders of the branch, though neither of them was officially designated as Mentor, as they were both uncomfortable with that type of ceremony.[1]

Together, Miko and Edward were able to bring great stability to the Brotherhood in London. While Edward used his charm to build a network of allies in the city itself, Miko travelled across Europe in search of Pieces of Eden, during which he lent his aid to the various regional branches of the Brotherhood with whom he established strong connections.[1]

However, in 1735, Edward was murdered in his own home by mercenaries employed by the Templars, who sought Edward's journal containing his research of Isu sites.[2] This left Miko as the sole leader of the British Assassins and marked the beginning of the Brotherhood's decline.[1]

Warning Achilles[]

"Achilles, although I am very impressed with the growth of the Colonial Brotherhood, I feel a sense of dismay and creeping dread that you continue to ignore my warnings about the approach of the British Rite of the Templar Order."
―Miko in his letter to Achilles Davenport, 1751.[src]

At some point, Miko became acquainted with Achilles Davenport, Mentor of the Colonial Brotherhood. In 1751, Miko wrote to Achilles. While stating that he was very impressed at the development of the newly established Brotherhood, he warned Achilles of the impending threat that the British Rite of the Templar Order held.[3]

Miko informed Achilles of Grand Master Reginald Birch's search for Pieces of Eden around the world. According to Miko, intelligence suggested that Birch would soon turn his attention to the British Thirteen Colonies, and presumably send his dangerous agent Haytham Kenway there. He then noted his upcoming mission to Corsica, and promised to contact Achilles as soon as possible.[3]

Protecting Lucio[]

Haytham: "If you climb much higher, the fall will kill you when I cut the rope. You shouldn't suffer such a death, friend. Start your descent and live to fight another day."
Miko: "You have my blade."
Haytham: "To the victor the spoils."
—Haytham to Miko, 1753.[src]

Soon afterwards, Miko traveled to Corsica, where he was to protect the Assassin-allied codebreaker, Lucio Albertine. With Corsica in the midst of a revolution, Miko and Lucio lived in an encampment along with Corsican rebels fighting Genoa for independence. One night in June of 1753, the camp was attacked by Genoese soldiers.[4]

As Miko helped the rebels fight off the Genoese, he told Lucio to run for a barn in the encampment. At this time, Haytham arrived to kidnap Lucio. While Miko was occupied with the Genoese, the Templar rendered Lucio unconscious and attempted to escape down a ravine. While the encampment was overrun, Miko discovered that Lucio was missing, and caught up with Haytham and his prisoner.[4]


Miko's discarded Hidden Blade

Attacking the Templar with his Hidden Blade, Miko was able to knock Haytham's heirloom sword away. As Miko was about to kill Haytham, the Templar blocked the attack and pulled him to the edge of a crevice. Miko pulled Haytham with him, and the two entered a struggle. Miko was too late to discover that Haytham was unfastening his Hidden Blade, and was bitten in his other hand, causing the Assassin to fall.[4]

Miko grabbed onto a rope however, and began to climb back up. Haytham then threatened to cut the rope with the blade, and advised Miko to escape to fight another day. Miko agreed, but Haytham assured him that one of them would kill the other, should they meet again.[4]


Miko: "Haytham... You should have come to me. We would have found another way..."
Haytham: "Yes. But then you would have known. For what it's worth, I'm sorry."
Miko: "As am I."
—Miko and Haytham during the former's last moments, 1754.[src]
A Deadly Performance 6

Haytham confronting Miko in the Theatre Royal

On 18 April 1754, Miko attended a performance of The Beggar's Opera in the Theatre Royal, accompanied by his young nephew Duncan Little.[5] The Templars discovered through Edward Kenway's journal that Miko had been entrusted the key to the Grand Temple. After Miko was tracked down by Templar agents, Haytham arrived to kill him and take the key.[6] As Haytham snuck behind his seat during the opera, Miko told him that they could have found another way, although Haytham claimed that Miko would have known his intentions, had the Templar approached him before.[5]

After Haytham and Miko apologized to each other, the former stabbed the Assassin in the back with his Hidden Blade, killing him instantly. Haytham subsequently took the key, and hushed Duncan as he arrived to find his uncle dead.[5]


Miko's nephew Duncan would be recruited into the Assassin Order by Haytham's son, Ratonhnhaké:ton, in 1773. Duncan would later tell Ratonhnhaké:ton about his brief encounter with Haytham when he witnessed his uncle's assassination.[7]

The loss of both Edward Kenway and Miko was a crippling blow for the British Assassins. Their deaths began a severe, decades long decline of the Brotherhood in London that all but wiped out their presence in the capital.[8] The situation would not be reversed until the Frye twins Jacob and Evie arrived to help Henry Green wrest control of the city from Templar hands in 1868 and eliminated the Grand Master Crawford Starrick.[9]

Centuries later, in 2015, the Templar Isabelle Ardant included Miko's name on a list of known British Assassins. This list was later unveiled by the Assassins Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings when they infiltrated Ardant's office to plant a bug.[10]