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Mike (c. 2006 – 2012), also known as Subject 19, is the primary test subject of Project Hydra and Project Horus, both Abstergo Industries initiatives. He was killed by Laetitia England, who did not want the young boy to become the leader of the Templar Order, because she planned to be the successor of Alan Rikkin herself.


Shortly after his birth, Mike's parents died in a traffic accident. Although he was clinically dead after the accident, Abstergo took care over Mike and "genetically patched" him. Due to a set of mutations, Abstergo was able to revive the boy, but also to increase Mike's intellectual abilities significantly with the aim to "program" him as a future leader of the Templar Order

This being a long-term progress, Abstergo saw the chance to perform experiments with Mike's incredibly flexible DNA. Mike's genetically-modified DNA was able to 'adopt' DNA-codes that were unfamiliar to him and allowed him to relive the genetic memories of the ancestors of others within the Animus. This way, Mike was able to relive the memories of a deceased Templar agent by inoculating his artificial DNA.

However, Abstergo's real intentions with these experiments was to relive the memories of the Assassin Jonathan Hawk. By obtaining Jonathan's eyeball, Abstergo was able to transfer Jonathan's DNA into Mike's, so that Abstergo was in possession of the genetic memories of the Assassin.


  • According to his supervisor, Dr. William McCoy, at the age of six, Mike's intelligence was far ahead those of modern geniuses.
  • Despite his high intelligence, Mike was unable to communicate. Even so, he could understand all instructions given, even the most complicated.
  • Unlike most humans, Mike seems to possess monochromatic black eyes that are possessed by most mammals. This characteristic is likely a side-effect of the genetic engineering used to boost Mike's intelligence.