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Miguel Ramón Carlo de Lugo (born 1494) was a member of an early incarnation of the West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins based in Florida.


Born near the bay of San Juan in Puerto Rico, Miguel's mother died during childbirth and his father abandoned him. He was taken in by Alonso Carlo, a freed slave and translator for the Spanish colonial army. By the age of nine, Miguel was fluent in Taíno, Arawak, and Spanish.

In 1510, Alonso was accused by Juan Ponce de León of plotting an assassination against him and de León ordered his execution. Alonso took Miguel and fled before the latter could be captured. The two eventually arrived in Florida, where they found safety with the Assassins and Miguel joined their ranks.

In 1521, Juan Ponce de León journeyed to Florida to search for the Fountain of Youth. Knowing that de Léon would find the Piece of Eden that was the Fountain, the Assassins sent Miguel to implore de León to turn back. De León denied his request, and the Assassins shot him with a poisoned arrow.

Miguel had two children, José Cores and Paco Mulo Arriba, with Anna Espinosa.




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