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The title of this article is conjecture. Although the subject of this article is canon, no official name for it has been given.

The Mexican Rite of the Templar Order is the branch of the Templar Order operating in Mexico.


Colonial Era

Chichen Itza excavation

In 1751, the Templar Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer, working for Grand Master Reginald Birch discovered two Isu Temples under the Maya city of Chichen Itza, following which he contacted Birch via letter requesting to create a work site to excavate the city and attempt to locate the Prophecy Disks. Birch complied with de Ferrer's request and created an operation to acquire slaves to send to Chichen Itza to dig for the disk and other Precursor relics.[1]

Afterwards, de Ferrer became the second-in-command of Madeleine de L'Isle, the Master Templar of the Louisiana Rite. Madeleine and de Ferrer subsequently established a work camp in Chichen Itza and organized a large-scale slave-trafficking operation to gather workers from many different locations.[2]

In 1769, the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré visited the colony and recovered one half of the Prophecy Disk from the ruins, while also assassinating the colony's overseer and de Ferrer. Aveline returned in 1772, when she recovered the second half of the Prophecy Disk from another First Civilization ruin.[2]

Modern times

Aguilar's Apple

In 1986, Alan Rikkin lead a team of Templar agents in Mexico to capture members of the Lynch family to find an Apple of Eden as they had discovered that their bloodline led to the Spanish Assassin Aguilar de Nerha. When they arrived, Mary was dead, killed by Joseph Lynch to prevent the Templars from finding it and Callum Lynch escaped. Joseph was captured while his son ran away.[3][4]

Recruiting Gramática

In 2008, Abstergo Industries, the primary public front of the modern-day Templar Order, recruited Álvaro Gramática to work on the Akashic Satellite Plexus. In 2009, he created the Data Dump Scanner, a proprietary technology that would eventually lead to the creation of Helix, when combined with the Animus interface.[5] Sometime afterwards, Gramática was inducted into the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order.[6]

Work on the Phoenix Project

By 2011, Future Technology, a subsidiary of Abstergo Industries, had a branch located in Mexico City, where Gramática worked as the head of Research. That year, Gramática received an offer from fellow Inner Sanctum member Isabelle Ardant. She gave Álvaro the opportunity to hand Alan Rikkin a new working Piece of Eden after the DIA satellite accident by giving him an apparently broken Shroud of Eden for him to fix. Álvaro accepted her offer since it would kill Vidic's Animus Project.[7]

By 2014, there was a Grand Master operating in Mexico. That year, Alan Rikkin sent a memo to Gramática informing him that, if they proceeded with his plan to excavate the Observatory located in Long Bay, Jamaica and retrieve the missing blood vials, which Gramática considered to be of critical importance to the Phoenix Project, he would contact the Grand Masters in Cuba, Mexico, and the United States to get a read on the situation.[8]

Hunt for the Assassins

In 2016, a team of Assassins led by Galina Voronina in Mexico City intended to kidnap the Templar Garcia-Lopez, a high-ranking key member of the Order's propaganda division, to find the Assassin turncoat Joseph Laurier. Garcia-Lopez was tailed while walking in Chapultepec Park, after noticing Charlotte de la Cruz and suspecting she was tailed, she verified it and began running towards the park's north west exit. The Assassin Kody Adams attempted to intercepts her, but Garcia-Lopez punched him in the face. Then, she pepper-sprayed Charlotte and fled the park, leaving the Assassins to retreat before the authorities arrived.[9]

Later on, the Templar Ortega Sanchez summoned the Cartel kingpin Arturo Viera to meet in a restaurant after he learned that Viera was looking for Charlotte's Assassin team after they had unknowingly hurt his girlfriend. The Templar ordered Viera to stop searching for the Assassins because they were Templar matters. Later, the Templars lead by Sanchez arrived in a helicopter in an empty Stadium in Mexico City after having learned that Viera disobeyed and captured Kody to lure the rest of the Assassin team into his trap. The Templar strike team, led by Whittaker, killed the two last Cartel members, Viera and his girlfriend, and surrounded the injured Assassins. [9]

Suspecting that the Templars believed her to be very important to come after her, Charlotte pointed a gun at her head. She then cut a deal with Sanchez, in exchange for Galina and Kody's safety, she would provide them with the location of Erudito's meeting three days from now. Sanchez gave her a day to find out the password to the location before striking her injured foot with his cane, saying it was insurance against a double-cross and threatening to harm her friends and family if she did not hold up her end of the bargain.[9]

She agreed to meet the Templars as requested after obtained the information through the Animus, leaving Galina and Kody to escape. However, as the Templars arrived, the Cartel, with whom Galina had brokered a deal, then attacked Ortega and his men, blowing up their cars with a bazooka and avenging Viera.[9]

Having survived the attack and placed a tracker on Charlotte, Sanchez followed her and attacked Erudito's hideout with a Templar strike-team on an remote island in Argentina. Sanchez almost managed to capture Charlotte, but was ultimately killed when an Assassin rescue team riddled him with bullets from a helicopter.[10]



Colonial Era

Modern times