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The Metal Cestus

The Metal Cestus was a weapon that the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze wore to increase the damage he dealt during fistfights. It consisted of a leather glove lined with metal plates.


The Metal Cestus originated from the ancient Roman Empire, where gladiators used weapons similar to the Cestus in arena fights.[1]

After purchase from any blacksmith shop for 2,000 florins, the Cestus granted Ezio a slight advantage in Beat Up events, as well as any other situations that involved unarmed fighting.[1]

Climb Leap Glove

"Now nothing will be out of my reach."
―Ezio getting the Climb Leap Glove from Leonardo da Vinci.[src]
A further upgrade to the Cestus called the Climb Leap Glove could be bought from Leonardo da Vinci upon Ezio's arrival in Rome.[2]

Aside from granting the same advantages to damage and speed, it also returned the Climb Leap ability previously taught to Ezio by Rosa, which he became unable to perform unassisted after being injured during the Siege of Monteriggioni.[2]

By the time Ezio journeyed to Constantinople looking for Altaïr's hidden library, Ezio no longer needed the Metal Cestus and could climb leap freely. The hookblade replaced both his Metal Cestus and his secondary Hidden Blade, yet he could still climb leap when near the top of the building.[3]

Weapon Statistics

15th century Italy

Name Damage Speed Deflect Unlocked Cost
Fists 1 5 1 Sequence 1, "Boys Will Be Boys" N/A
Metal Cestus 3 5 1 Sequence 5, "A Blade With Bite" 2,000ƒ

16th century Rome

Name Damage Speed Deflect Unlocked Cost
Fists 1 5 1 After the Fall of Monteriggioni. N/A
Climb Leap Glove 3 5 1 Sequence 4, "An Unexpected Visitor" 6,100ƒ


  • The Metal Cestus was automatically equipped when purchased, and could not be removed.
  • It was the only weapon Ezio could use during the fight against Rodrigo Borgia in the Vatican Vault.
  • At the beginning of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, when Ezio is wearing the Armor of Altaïr, the Metal Cestus is not present. This is also the case for most outfits, and the Armor of Brutus.
  • Purchasing the Climb Leap Glove before the secondary Hidden Blade affixed the metal plating directly onto Ezio's hand.
    • A similar effect could be achieved by replaying any sequence while wearing the Armor of Brutus, then equipping another set of armor.
  • Even though the Climb Leap Glove is present in Brotherhood, it is still referred to as the Metal Cestus in Ezio's inventory.
  • The Brotherhood novel states the glove sold by Leonardo to Ezio would improve his climbing abilities to that of a gecko.


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