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This article is about the Egyptian smuggler. You may be looking for the wife of Emsaf.

Merti, also known as the Lotus, was an Egyptian smuggler who operated out of Thebes during the reign of Cleopatra.   


Early life

During the late 1st century BCE, Merti operated in Upper Egypt, where she worked as a tomb robber, pursuing the relic they dubbed as the Aten. On one occasion, Merti's group desecrated the Necropolis of the Nobles in the Theban Necropolis. The God's Wife of Amun, Nitokris, made attempts to prevent the desecration, one of which ultimately resulted in her death. Merti, driven by guilt, abandoned her job as a tomb robber and turned to smuggling instead.[1]She would also ocassionaly make visits to Nitokris' crypt in the necropolis, making offerings to make amends.[2] At some point, she gained the acquaintance of the Hidden One, Amunet, whom she owed affairs to.[3]

Curse of the Pharaohs

Merti given a package by Bayek

In 38 BCE, a supposed "curse" broke out in Thebes, in which the apparations of the deceased pharaohs buried in the nearby Valley of the Kings appeared in the city, causing chaos and killings across the city and the area. Amunet, having believe that a relic was responsible for it, sent a letter and parcel to Bayek instructing him to give to Merti outside Luxor. Merti gave Bayek a brief summary of the curse, advising him to check the black market for clues. Before returning to her villa in Yebu Nome, she also advised Bayek to speak to Isidora, the God's Wife of Amun at the temple of Karnak should he have any further enquiries.[3]

Believing that the relic that caused the curse was the one she was previously searching for, Merti again resumed her own search for the relic. She later bought a scroll from Tahemet, an antiquarian based in the Necropolis of the Nobles. However, her actions caught the attention of Tychon, the Nomarch of Thebes Nome, who sought to recover the relic for himself as well.[3] Merti's trireme in Swenett was boarded by Tychon's men, who obtained a lead on her whereabouts. Merti, being outnumbered barricaded herself in the villa. However, the soldiers were later eliminated by Bayek himself, who followed the lead on the relic from Tychon's notes.[1]

Bayek pinned Merti against a door, believing her to have hidden details from him. Merti, however, retorted that she had told Bayek whatever she knew and told Bayek of how she came to search for the relic previously. Merti handed Bayek the scroll she had obtained from Tahemet, not before declaring that she was ending her search and leaving the region. However, before she and Bayek were about to leave, they were confronted by a Servant of Anubis at the courtyard. Merti fled the area, leaving Bayek to fend off the being himself.[1]




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