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Merope was an Egyptian woman who was engaged to the honey farmer Hapti, and had conceived a child with him, before Hapti ended up as a worker in the Roman Quarry Camp in the Green Mountains region of Cyrenaica during the mid-1st century BCE.


Sometime prior to 47 BCE, Hapti proposed to Merope, and they agreed to marry. Before that could happen, though, they conceived a child and Hapti ended up as a worker in the Roman Quarry Camp.[1]

While Hapti was at the quarry, he wrought a bracelet for Merope, as a wedding gift.[1]

Unfortunately in 47 BCE, another worker at the quarry, Seker, roused some of the workers, and they plotted a revolt against the Romans in charge of the quarry. Hapti tried to dissuade Seker and his followers, but failed. Fearing for the worst, Hapti wrote a letter to Merope, and gave it to a messenger.[1]

The messenger, however, was caught and tortured by bandits of a nearby hideout. Exploring the hideout, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa found Hapti's letter, and decided to find the man who had written it.[1]

Coming upon the quarry, Bayek found corpses littering the ground: the Romans had answered the attempted revolt by slaughtering all the workers, including Hapti, whom Bayek recognized by his Ankh-tattoo. However, the bracelet Hapti had mentioned in his letter wasn't on his body, but a Roman soldier had claimed it; Bayek retrieved it, located Hapti's honey farm southeast of the quarry, and gave Merope the bracelet with condolences. Merope bemoaned the fact that Hapti's child would grow without a father, and that she herself had become just another woman, widowed by the Romans.[1]